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May 27, 2007 – Whitsunday
Today is Pentecost Sunday, after Easter the greatest feast of the year, for it marks the completion of the liturgical cycle with the Descent of the Holy Ghost. The Veni Creator is sung prior to the High Mass.
Extra Confessions will be heard this morning.
Jog-A-Thon Awards will be given out today after the 9:00 AM Mass. Catechism Classes are cancelled today.
Festive organ Vespers, May Devotions and Benediction are at 1:00 PM.

Due to the Holiday Weekend there will be NO 5:45 PM evening Mass today.

Alter Christus
The “little church” is in the vestibule this morning. The ushers are collecting alms for the Alter Christus Confraternity to support priests who might not otherwise receive help. Please be generous. Last month we collected 15 Masses.

Memorial Day
Tomorrow is Memorial Day, our American Springtime All Souls Day. On this day we remember our beloved dead, especially those who died in our wars. We also remember our country’s current needs on this national holiday. Join us for a Rosary for the Poor Souls and May Devotions at 8:30 AM, followed by the Whit Monday Mass at 9:00 AM.

Pentecost Monday and Tuesday
Monday and Tuesday of this week are feasts of devotion, formerly holy days. Try especially to assist at Mass these days.

Ember Days
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week are the summer Ember Days. All Catholics age seven and older must observe partial abstinence on Wednesday and Saturday; total abstinence on Friday. All those between the ages of 21 and 59 inclusive are obliged to follow the church laws of fast – one full meal a day. The Ember Days were instituted to beg God’s blessings upon those to be ordained and for the new season of the year.

Easter Duty
Trinity Sunday, one week from today, is the last day on which to fulfill your Easter Duty of a worthy Holy Communion. Those who neglect this duty are no longer Catholics in good standing and sin mortally. Pray and offer sacrifices these next two weeks for all to make a good Confession and Communion.

Next Sunday
Next Sunday is the First Sunday of the Month. The Blessing of Religious Articles follows all Masses. Our Special Second Collection is for Our Seminary. The Fencing Demonstration follows the 11:30 AM Mass. Vespers & Benediction are at 4:45 PM.

Set your missal: June 3rd. Trinity Sunday. with the commemoration of Pentecost I. Asperges resumed. Preface: Trinity. Proper Last Gospel: 1st Sunday after Pentecost.

Banns of Marriage: 3rd Time
Erin Coffey
Jared Chamberlain

Father’s Day – June 17th
All our fathers, living and deceased, will be remembered at the special High Mass on Sunday, June 17th. Envelopes are available in the pews, the vestibule and the Gift Shop. Please fill them out and return them to the Office or in the collection basket if you wish your own father to be included.

First Friday
10:45 AM: Confessions
11:30 AM: High Mass, Benediction
5:15 PM: Confessions & Rosary
5:45 PM: Low Mass, Exposition & Sacred
Heart Novena
Opening of All Night Adoration
7:00 PM: Parish Confraternity Potluck
8:00 PM: Holy Hour
9:00 PM: Distribution of Holy Communion
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
continues All Night
This Month’s Intention: In reparation to the
Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially for all of our
innocent ones, and those who would steal their
innocence, or have done so.

First Saturday
Reparation Intention: For all Catholics
cold-hearted or irreverent to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary.
7:00 AM: Confessions
7:30 AM: Low Mass
8:10 AM: Rosary & First Saturday Dev.
8:45 AM: Benediction, followed by Distri-
bution of Holy Communion, Confessions
11:00 AM: Nuptial Low Mass

May Devotions
All are cordially invited to the final days of May Devotions at 3:10 PM each school day afternoon. If you haven’t yet made an extra visit to Our Lady please do so. Your Mother is waiting to hear from you, and her month ends on Thursday.

The Four(?) Musketeers!
Our High School Fencing Team will give a brief demonstration of their deadly expertise on Sunday, June 3rd, after the 11:30 AM Mass. Weather permitting, the demonstration will be held in the cloister area. Men and boys will find it particularly interesting.

Upcoming Events
• Sunday – June 10th: First Holy Communion during the 9:00 AM Corpus Christi High Mass.
• July 24th – 26th: Boys’ Camp
• August 21st – 23rd: Girls’ Camp

A Card of Thanks
To St. Anthony for a favor granted – Loraine Gates
To St. Rita of Cascia for a favor granted – Bishop Dolan

We Get Visitors
Two priests from the CMRI, Fr. Benedict Hughes and Fr. James McGilloway, visited us this past week. Fr. Hughes is superior of the Congregation’s minor seminary near Spokane, and Fr. McGilloway, headquartered in Akron, has been an intrepid Ohio apostle for many years, driving all over the state to bring the Mass and sacraments to scattered souls.
The Fathers enjoyed a quick tour of our church and school and had a good visit with Bishop Dolan over lunch. Fr. McGilloway reports that Sr. Claretia, now principal of his little school, is doing well with her flock of eight students. It was nice to see the Fathers again. These visits are always welcome.

And More Visitors…
Dear Toddlers,
I like Animal Crackers as much as the next person. As a matter of fact, Fr. Cekada was just sharing some with me the other day. However, we are ever so careful not to drop them on the floor! Would you try harder? The Bishop found a crushed animal under the pew on Monday, as well as one poor little animal intact. How about finishing your breakfast in the high chair, as the better toddlers do, and, if the animals must accompany you to church, enjoying your crackers outside?
Your friend,
Bishop Dolan

“Gentlemen, fire up your engines”… NOT!
Every now and again we have a modest procession after the High Mass, on Sunday. Please stay for it! If you can’t, then please leave before the procession departs the church, or after it re-enters the building.
It is just tacky and distracting and sad to see some of you fleeing in the face of the procession, and hear your engines starting up as we’re trying to sing outdoors.
Therefore, it is FORBIDDEN to flee from processions once they reach the parking lot.
Thank You.
Bishop Dolan

Silence Is Golden
Sometimes, (OK, often!) the 7:30 Mass runs a tad over-time. Please don’t say a word as you’re waiting in the vestibule for Mass to get out. We can hear you on the other side! Sound really carries in our new church! Shhh!
You are welcome to visit in the Helfta Hall or the Cloister, or outdoors.

Our Sick
Thank you for your prayers for the ladies who had surgery last week. Initial reports are very favorable for the success of Connie Kamphaus’ surgery, and Paulina Strauss is also doing well.
Please continue to remember all of our dear sick in your daily prayers. If you know of any parishioners in need of a visit, or Holy Communion, please let us know.

Spring Italian Wine Tasting
We enjoyed another successful wine tasting last Saturday with 30 cheerful attendees, many from outside the parish. We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the following sponsors who contributed greatly to our fundraising effort:
Food provided by Kroger, Wines provided Das Family Dentistry, Spinning Fork Restaurant, and Gold Star Chili. We realized a profit of $464.14. Mr. Kim LeBlanc contributed his culinary skills to the delicious recipes. Thank you all and may future tastings be as enjoyable!