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The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

October 7, 2007 The Most Holy Rosary – Pentecost XIX – St. Mark, PC & Comp, Mm

First Sunday of the Month –The Blessing of Religious Articles Follows the Low Masses at the Communion Rail. The second collection is for our Seminary and Mission Support. Vespers and Benediction with October Devotions at 4:30 PM. Someone please attend!

The Rosary Confraternity will lead the outdoor procession after the 9:00 AM Mass. The Annual Rosary Confraternity Communion Breakfast follows the Mass and procession.
Rosaries will be blessed with (all indulgences)at all Masses.

The “Little Church” is in the vestibule today. The ushers are collecting alms for the Alter Christus Confraternity to support priests who might not otherwise receive help. Please be generous.

This Week:

October Devotions
The October Devotions (Rosary, Litany and Prayer to St. Joseph) are recited every school day at 3:10 PM. Every Wednesday the Rosary is recited before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed at 3:10 PM, with Benediction and Holy Communion at approximately 3:30 PM. Join our children in prayer!

October Fatima Rosary Procession
Saturday, October 13th, The Rosary Confraternity is sponsoring the 90th Anniversary of Fatima Candlelight Rosary Procession at 7:00 PM. We will meet in our usual location, at the First Watch Restaurant parking lot across from Rafferty’s on Floer Road, which runs parallel with Mulhauser Road. You may enter Floer Road from either Union Center Blvd. or Muhlhauser Rd. This rosary procession will conclude our season. The darkness is closing in quickly. Come to spread some light.

Next Sunday
The Rosary is recited before the 7:30 and 11:30 AM Masses. Catechism classes are as usual at 10:30 AM.

Set your missal– Pentecost XX with the commemoration of St. Callistus I, PM, Preface of the Trinity

Upcoming Events•October 13th – Fatima 90th Anniversary Rosary Candlelight Procession
• October 14th – Autumn Bake Sale
• October 28th – Feast of Christ the King, and afternoon adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Prayers Please…
Please pray for the repose of the soul of John J. Seyfried, the father of our faithful parishoner and 5:45 PM usher, John Seyfried.

Please pray as well for all of our sick and shut-in, including Jack and Diane Powell, Edna Harpen (who recently broke her ankle), Shirle Downing (who recently celebrated a birthday), Fred Hauserman (this “birthday boy” just turned 99, I believe!), and Eileen Bartels (who has good days and bad days, but sends her good wishes to all.) Are we missing anyone?

Bookstore News
New Arrivals! A wonderful selection of greeting cards are now available for purchase in the bookstore. There are also many standing crucifixes that are perfect for a home shrine. Sick call sets and beautiful wall crucifixes are plentiful in addition to a variety of stylish rosaries. Come see what is new and begin your Christmas shopping before advent!

Children’s All Saints Procession
The All Saints Day Procession and celebration will now take place on the Sunday within the Octave of All Saints. This year it is November 4th.

Request From Bishop Dolan…
When you say the Rosary aloud, especially in church, say it softly: “These words are a kind of melody which soothes the ear and isolates us from the noise of the world round us,…” –Fr Garrigou-Lagrange. Let us aim for that “melody in the ear” which is the name of Jesus and Mary when we say our Rosary aloud.

Parents, please remember to take your children to the bathroom before Mass. Children should only leave Holy Mass for an emergency, not for a little break from time to time. Children are forbidden to use the water fountain during Mass — parents and ushers please note! Our Blessed Savior suffered three hours of burning thirst at Calvary, which is the Mass.

A Need For Charity…
A Sharonville parishoner is in need of a regular ride to Sunday Mass. If you are able to assist, please contact Mr. Kim LeBlanc at 513-769-3562. May Our Lady reward your generosity.

A Tenth Anniversary
Father Carlos Ercoli was ordained by Bishop Dolan ten years ago this month in Verrua Savoia, Italy, near Turin. Father Ercoli will be celebrating his tenth anniversary with a Solemn High Mass on Saturday morning October 13th at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Fraser, Michigan. You will certainly be welcome to attend. Please contact Father Ercoli (586-979-1272) for further information. Please keep Father Ercoli in your prayers for this happy occasion.

This is actually a pun, as it refers to malfunctioning microphones and speakers. We’re wondering how our new speakers are working. Can you hear the sermon? Is there any improvement? Are there still problem areas? We want your feedback! Oh, don’t forget, let us know how daily and Saturday Mass times are working out for you. (If “non applicable” applies, why, give them a try and get back to us). Thank you!