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26th and Last Sunday After Pentecost

November 25th, 2007 – 26th and Last Sunday After Pentecost
Today is the last Sunday after Pentecost with the commemoration of St. Catherine of Alexandria, patroness of philosophers, schoolgirls, spinsters and students; invoked against diseases of the tongue. Confessions are heard before and/or during all Masses today. Vespers and Benediction are at 4:45 PM. The Blessing of Expectant Mothers is available after Mass today. Please come to the center of the Communion Rail.

Visit our Gift Shop to get ready for this season of getting ready. Advent Wreaths, as well as good spiritual reading are available. Be sure to prepare an Advent Wreath (three purple and one pink candle) for your family dining table or shrine. The first candle may be lit on Saturday evening or Sunday.

Missing Cat
A small black church cat, who answers to Catharina, and speaks some Italian has strayed. If you find her, please bring her back or give us a call. Last seen across the street visiting parishoners.

This Week
Men’s Evening of Recollection
This friday, November 30th the men’s evening of recollection begins with Mass at 5:45 PM followed by Confessions at 6:45 PM and a spiritual talk at 7:00 PM. There will be time for refreshments and socializing after the talk. We look forward to seeing some new faces.

First Saturday
Saturday is the First Saturday of the month. The schedule is as follows:
•Confessions: 7:15 AM
•Low Mass: 7:30 AM
•High Mass, First Saturday Devotions & Confessions: 8:00 AM
Reparation Intention: In reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Thank You Note from Father Ramolla
I say thank you for the glorious weekend with the ordination to the Holy Priesthood on November 16th and the beautiful Solemn High Mass last Sunday. I was particularly touched by the hard work, preparation and intense participation of so many of the faithful of St. Gertrude the Great. I thank especially Bishop Dolan and Father Cekada for their preparation of my ordination. I would like to express particular thanks to Sister Mary Magdalene and her helpers in the sacristy, to the servers for the ordination and the First Solemn High Mass as well, to all members of the choir, which made the ordination and the first Mass under the direction of Sister so unforgettable. Thanks to the cooks, ironers, cleaners, to the office staff and the hospitality commitee. Thank you to all parishioners of St. Gertrude the Great for their prayers and their participation. Thank you so much. With my blessing, Father Ramolla

King of Love
Congratulations to Tom and Connie Kamphaus, their children and grandchildren, who enthroned the Sacred Heart of Jesus as King of Love in their home last Tuesday evening. “I will bless every place where an image of my heart is set up and honored.” Why not claim these blessings for your family? Call today to schedule an enthronement.

Next Sunday
Next Sunday is the First Sunday of the month and the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year. The Lighting of the Advent Wreath is at 7:20 AM, and the Advent Procession and Blessing of the Advent Wreath will take place at 9:00 AM. Be sure to have an Advent Wreath for your home, and Advent resolutions for your heart. The Blessing of Religious Articles is available following all Masses. The Second Collection is for Our Seminary and Mission Support. The beautiful Advent Vespers are sung at 4:45 PM with Benediction. Set your missal: Advent I with Commemorations of St. Bibiana & Our Lady in Advent Preface: Trinity.

Upcoming events:

• A Visit from St. Nicholas
Next Sunday St. Nicholas will be visiting our children after all the Masses. Please bring your children to Helfta Hall for this traditional Advent event.

• Sunday, December 16th – To those who craft, bake, or shop:
The St. Gertrude the Great craft, bake sale, and raffle will be held on Sunday, Dec. 16th. Whether your talent is crafting, baking, or shopping, you can find a way to help spread some cheer and enjoy this parish event. Please bring in your crafty creations and baked goods.
We are looking for new toys for the children’s raffle. Raffle ticket sales begin today. All crafts and raffle prizes must be delivered to Helfta Hall by Dec. 2nd. Baked goods may be delivered on Saturday Dec. 15th , or Sunday, Dec. 16th.