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February, 2008 Archives

They Rejected Him —Fr. Charles McGuire

Fourth Friday of Lent

Does Satan Make People Sick? —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Lent III

Lent III

February 24, 2008 – Lent III Today is Confession Sunday. Confessions will be heard before and during all Masses. Children’s Confessions at 10:30 AM. First Vespers of St. Matthias and Benediction are at 1:10 PM. Alter Christus Thank you for your donation of $200.00 for the Alter Christus Confraternity in February for Masses to help […]

An Office Visit with the Divine Physician —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Lent II

Lent II

February 17, 2008 – Lent II- The Flight into Egypt The Blessing of Expectant Mothers follows all Masses. Early Lenten Vespers and Benediction are at 1:10 PM. Children’s Day of Recollection This year our Children’s Day of Recollection will take place this Wednesday, February 20th, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, for both Grade School […]

Quiet Healing —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Second Friday of Lent

The Desert Cure —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Lent I

Quadragesima Sunday

February 10, 2008 – Lent I- St. Scholastica, V Today we have the Blessing of the Sick followed by the Blessing of Religious Articles after all Masses. Early Lenten Vespers and Benediction are at 1:10 PM. A Triduum to mark the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes will be said after […]

Saved by Faith —Bp. Daniel Dolan

First Friday of Lent


February 3, 2008 – Quinquagesima – Holy Face Sunday – St Blaise, BpM Today is the First Sunday of the Month. Our Special Second Collection is for Our Seminary. The Blessing of Religious Articles follows all Masses. Our annual Triduum in Honor of the Holy Face begins today and will conclude on Tuesday, the Feast […]