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Pentecost X

July 20, 2008, Pentecost X
Enrollment in the Brown Scapular follows all Masses. The Blessing of Expectant Mothers takes place after the enrollment. Are you following Dr. Droleskey’s talks? Today he speaks after the high Mass. How could a pope, a Vicar of Christ, honor and esteem the satanic symbols of false religions. Come to Helfta Hall at about 10:30 and find out? Sanctify the whole Sunday by attending Vespers and Benediction and Precious Blood Devotions this afternoon at 4:45 PM.

This Week
Charity Row concludes tomorrow with the feast of St. Praxades, who relieved the suffering Christians of Rome in the “lion’s den” (as they used to call the prisons).

On Tuesday honor St. Mary Magdalen (her statue is next to Our Lady’s altar) as well as St. Anthony. Please note that on Tuesday through Thursday the Mass is at 9:00 AM due to the Boys’ Camp.

On Friday the beloved St. Christopher is commorated as we keep the feast of St. James the Greater, “Moor Slayer” and Apostle of Spain, at 5:45 PM, with Novena and Benediction.

Good St. Anne, patroness for so many, is honored at 7:30 on Saturday.

Next Sunday
Confession Sunday with Father McGuire hearing confessions before and or during all Masses. The Blessing of Automobiles follows all Masses.

Set your missal: Pentecost XI, with a commemoration of St. Pantaleon and Our Lady with all the saints. Preface of the Trinity.

Dr. Droleskey speaks about true peace and false, following the 11:30 AM Mass.