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April, 2009 Archives

The Green Scapular —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Easter II

Easter II

The Peace of Not —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Low Sunday

Low Sunday

Mon 4/20/09 Ferial Day 11:25 AM Requiem High Mass Purgatorial Society 4:00 PM Knights of the Sacred Heart with Fr. McGuire 5:00 PM Low Mass All of our faithful departed relatives, friends & benefactors (Patick Omlor) Tues 4/21/09 St. Anselm BpCD 11:25 AM High Mass Charles & Elinor Richardson (Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lotarski) 5:00 […]

Who Do You Belong To? —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Other Sermons this week: Maundy Thursday Holy Saturday

Let There Be Light —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Holy Saturday

He Takes the Last Place —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Maundy Thursday

The Donkey’s Humility —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Palm Sunday

Holy Week 2009

Mon 4/6/09 Monday in Holy Week 11:25 AM High Mass †Inez Dryden (Kirby & Jean Bischel) 12:20 PM Vespers 5:00 PM Low Mass Thomas J. Keaveney (Gerry Keaveney) Tues 4/7/09 Tuesday in Holy Week 11:25 AM High Mass †Fr. Eldred Leslie (Wanke Family) 12:20 PM Vespers 5:00 PM Low Mass Poor Souls for Mattingly Family […]