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Fourth Sunday after Easter

We highly recommend traditionalcatholicsermons.org. Visit this website for a great collection of sermons from a variety of traditional priests.

Mon 5/11/09 Ferial Day
11:25 AM Requiem High Mass Purgatorial Society
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Special Intention for C. (G.P.K.)

Tues 5/12/09 Ss Nereus & Comp, Mm
11:25 AM High Mass Health of Robert Ardolino (Janet Clementi)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Poor Souls for Mattingly Family Conversions (MAW)

Wed 5/13/09 St. Robert Bellarmine, BpCD
Secondary Patron of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
11:25 AM High Mass Joseph & Mary Kunkel Families’ Intentions (Kueblers)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:45 PM Low Mass To Honor Our Lady of Fatima and of the Blessed Sacrament, for Cincinnati and all the Church
7:00 PM Opening Fatima Rosary Procession

Thur 5/14/09 St. Boniface, M
11:25 AM High Mass Terry & JoAnn O’Brien
(Larry & Anne Brugger)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass †Charles E. Simpson 18th Anniversary
(Tom & Stella Simpson)
7:00 PM Compline

Fri 5/15/09 St. John Baptist de la Salle, C
St. Dymphna, VM
11:00 AM Confessions
11:25 AM High Mass Fr. James Thielen (Tom & Stella Simpson)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:15 PM Confessions, Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass All Priests in Our Apostolate (John Seyfried)
Novena, Benediction and Confessions

Sat 5/16/09 St. Ubaldus, BpC
St. John Nepomucene, M St. Brendan, C
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass Cecilia Omlor (Rebecca Uhlenbrock)
8:00 AM Sermon and Low Mass Regina Derksen Rest in Peace (Mario Derksen)

Sun 5/17/09 Easter V, Confession Sunday
St. Paschal Baylon, C
7:30 AM Low Mass Thanksgiving for Blessings
(Dan, Mary & Family)
9:00 AM High Mass For the People of St. Gertrude
10:30 AM Children’s Confessions, Adult and Catechism Classes
11:30 AM Low Mass Special Intentions of Brockman Family
(Rob & Jane Brockman)
4:45 PM Vespers, May Devotions, Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (J. & C. Niehaus)

Bishop’s Corner
How could Mother’s Day not be a happy one? Everyone is remembered today, at least for a day: God {this is one of the most popular church days for us}, the Mother of God {the May altar, and procession and crowning and our consecration renewed to Our Lady}, motherhood {its dignities and duties, its sweetness and strength} and our own mothers, living or deceased, who receive some very small token of our gratitude and love again today! Happy Mother’s Day!

Many thanks to all of those who helped make these days in May to be successful for Friday’s pilgrimage for Our Lady of Consolation, Saturday’s great jog-a-thon with its fund raising and just the fun of a good parish communal effort, which fosters charity in many ways; and finally today’s observance for our mothers.

Father Cekada leaves this afternoon for his seminary week. Last week, Father and I and assorted assistants dealt with our old friends flood and mold, who have followed us to the new rectory and taken their toll of books and pictures, though not so many this time. Our own carelessness (no basement is ever secure – period!) and two burst pipes were the culprits. We now have things secured, or so we think.

Caravaggio the cat was spotted on the rectory roof the other night. I think he is determined to catch a bird. He and Vivaldi enjoyed a nice visit to the Kitty Day Spa, and returned manicured and several shades brighter. Puccini is still at the cat clinic, recovering from a fracture. He seems to be enjoying the rest. A new feral cat, whom I have named Scarpia, arrived this Spring, and seems unpleasant. Senex the groundhog (to round out our animal report, save for one as yet unnamed bunny) is getting big and is seen dining out regularly. Oh, we did lose a fish lately, but life in the Lourdes pool is good.

Have a blessed day and week with Mary, Mother of all mothers blest.
-Bishop Dolan