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Rosary Sunday

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Last Monday’s wind blew in cool Autumn, but the sun has been sparing so far. Aren’t our grounds lovely? The grotto and gardens are settling in nicely and nature provides a magnificent palette in our back property, wild flowers and weeds all done up in Fall colors. Add to that your blessed Rosary roses, and we’re good to go. I want to thank Marlys Arlinghaus for arranging the roses for the altar, and also for painting the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. She and Paul have kindly provided the matching St. Bernadette.

One of our other feast day flower ladies, Jeanne Hille, is home recovering from a little surgery. Please keep her, and all of our sick and home bound, in your good prayers.

Katie and Fr. Ramolla have been working overtime to keep up with the ever changing schedule of altar and shrines, as well as the blessedly busy sacristy, providing for four Masses a day several times a week now. Are you taking advantage of all of these graces? And how about helping for an hour or two once a month? Give us a call, or just come by on Saturday late morning.

We had a beautiful Solemn High school Mass for Michaelmas, and the next day I was pleasantly surprised to hear the school choir take on the psalm-toned propers of the Mass, and do a very good job, as well! I must also point out how well the Sunday choir has been rendering the High Mass each week. May God bless so many examples of selfless devotion to God’s glory at St. Gertrude the Great.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but never read or pass on a scurrilous or slanderous paper or e-mail, not even out of curiosity. Let’s leave the curiosity for our cats, and concentrate on avoiding the occasions of sin, just as we would, (I hope!) delete and destroy any impure or immodest picture or article which comes our way. “W.W.J.D.?” (What would Jesus do?) is still a good question. I have another one. Did you know that the word devil means slanderer? I couldn’t have said it better myself! Those who break these rules bring their own punishment upon themselves.

Fr. Ramolla has kindly agreed to accompany me on a pastoral trip to Europe this month. We leave Wednesday the 7th and return on October 19th. The trip includes Confirmation, the ordination of a subdeacon, and visits our priests and faithful in Belgium, Germany, and France. Please keep us in your rosaries while we’re gone.

I promise prayers in the different shrines we hope to visit along the way. May Our Lady use her Rosary to save your soul, and bless you all.

-Bishop Dolan