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Maternity of Our Lady

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Today Fr. Ramolla and I are in Savoy, France, at the chapel in Chambery. I am offering Mass, confirming, and giving minor orders to one candidate for the priesthood, as well as visiting with the good priest and people of this chapel. Afterwards there is a lunch and meeting. The Chambery chapel is located in the town which possessed the Holy Shroud for many years, and where Our Lord appeared to a Visitation Nun to promote devotion to His Holy Wounds.

We hope to make a quick visit to Ars, during this 150th anniversary year of the sainted Curé Jean Marie Vianney. Then we will visit the nuns at Cresan, and meet with a priest. After this we will visit St. Bernadette at Nevers, and perhaps St. Louis De Montfort as well, on our way to our last stop at Rennes.

Fr. Roger, who was ordained at the old St. Gertrude (so many memories!) has a thriving parish and school, and serves several outlying missions as well. In addition to confirming, I will confer the first major orders of Subdeacon upon Brother William Hequard, a Benedictine monk. Brother William visited us here at the Assumption. When his monastery joined the One World Church (with the famous indult to have the Latin Mass), this man had the grace from God in time to see what was happening, and resist. Please pray for him as he prepares to receive the priesthood next year.

Well, back here at home things were looking pretty good for Rosary Sunday. The Mass was splendidly sung, even under challenging circumstances. The church was resplendent with roses, and the procession so beautiful past the grotto. Our Rosary Confraternity Communion Breakfast was tasty as usual (Thanks, Pat and Susan) and our speaker delighted everyone with the story of his life and vocation, full of good humor and good sense. Thank you Fr. Larrabee, and thank you, everyone! Now, persevere throughout this month in gathering those roses which do not fade, the most holy Rosary.

Charlene Bloemker wrote me the other day to say that her mother has been home sick since August, and she’s been taking care of her. Please keep these two dear souls in your prayers, and all of our sick, so beloved of Christ.

I will be praying for them, and for you all.

May God’s good Mother and our own, keep you all close to her Son!

-Bishop Dolan