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Christ the King

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zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Beautiful weather greeted Fr. Ramolla and me upon our return from a very successful trip to France. Soon, we were all busy preparing for the Forty Hours, which reach their high point on this sublime feast of Christ the King. Seek an audience with your Sovereign this afternoon, and do Him the homage of your heart. Accompany our Eucharistic King for the closing procession this evening. May this Forty Hours bring God’s healing, and great peace of heart.

Our European trip was extraordinary in the sense that it was a succession of crosses, but also that God in His mercy used these very crosses to bring many graces, as well as a certain consolation to our Catholics in Europe, and great encouragement. (May these Forty Hours bring similar fruits to us here, home in Cincinnati!) Forty Confirmations were given, and one subdeacon ordained.

Many thanks to all who prepared and participated in the beautiful feast of our Eucharistic King. Next Sunday it will be the turn of the saints, and I hope to see your little saints in our procession.

I was so sorry to hear of dear Nadine Henry’s death. This accomplished lady and devoted Catholic edified and assisted us all during her short time in our midst. We are most grateful to Nadine and Charles Henry for bringing Our Mother of Good Counsel, and thus countless blessings, into our midst. May she rest in peace.

A dear long time member of St. Gertrude died recently as well, Tony Quinter. He and his wife travelled all the way from Sydney, Ohio each Sunday for many years. Tony leaves us an example of simple, strong, sacrificing faith. May he rest in peace.

May Christ, ruling from His altar throne, be King over every aspect of your faith and family, your politics and work, and every part of you. From you, may He reign as King of America and all the world!

With a blessing,
–Bishop Dolan