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Pentecost XXIII

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Last Sunday was another beautiful day, as all the saints came marching in to the High Mass of All Saints, at the beautifully decorated altar, ornamented with the relics of so many saints. After Mass, we retired to Helfta Hall, and each group of saints came up in turn to identify themselves. Such cute concepts, such imaginative costumes! We are proud of all our little saints, and of their creative parents. My personal pick for best duo was little William “Professor” Lynch as the irascible St. Jerome, with his little sister Margaret, as the lioness he tamed after removing a thorn from her paw.

How edifying was our attendance all day on Monday for All Souls. From Fr. Cekada’s first Masses until well after the closing Rosary and Benediction, there was a steady stream of devout souls to gain the indulgences for the Poor Souls, going, as is the custom, in and out; and to hear Holy Mass for them.

The High Mass, provided by our own school children and an ad hoc schola of men directed and accompanied by Fr. Cekada, produced an interesting sound both sweet and, at times, almost a rumbling roar, as befits the terrible words of the Dies Irae. May their lesson not be lost on us, the living even as we pray for the dead.

Come this afternoon with us to visit New St. Joseph Cemetery for an indulgenced Rosary procession. Let us continuously pray for the Church Suffering, and count on their purified prayers for us and for our needs.

Remember our dear Veterans come Wednesday. May Mary reward you for your charity.

–Bishop Dolan