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Easter II

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner
Low Week certainly made for high spirits, with the series of splendid Spring days, and grounds and garden bright with Easter colors. We were all happy to have our students back, and to offer again the beautiful school Masses with their inspiring singing at 11:20. Faithful from throughout the world gratefully follow these Masses on the internet, cheered and uplifted to be united with us at the altar.

This past Wednesday Fr. Cekada tested the first graders for First Holy Communion, and I gave them a little talk and preparation for First Confession. The same program was repeated on Saturday for our Catechism students. We look forward to their First Holy Communion in June. Truly joyful are these days of Spring with birds and blossoms, and little ones yearning to receive Our dear Lord. The Masses of these days especially “rejoice our youth.” Try it yourself, and come some time just out of joyful love, and receive Jesus in Holy Communion.

This Wednesday would be an excellent day for an extra Mass. St. Joseph’s Solemnity falls this week, and reminds us of just how wonderful a saint is Our Lord’s foster father, the protector of the Catholic Church. Katie was telling us on Holy Thursday of how he is always helping her find things in the sacristy. So I asked her to pray to St. Joseph for a perfect Good Friday. She did and it was! Pray to him for your needs, too.

Our deacon returns to France on Monday the 26th to make his final preparations for ordination on June 27. The Reverend Mr. Hecquard has made many friends here, and we will miss him, even as we accompany him to the altar with our prayers. You are invited to a little reception in his honor after the 11:20 Solemn Mass of St. Joseph this Wednesday.

Have you noticed the beautiful Agony in the Garden shrine outdoors? Eldon planted purple tulips which are in bloom as I write this, and a Russian olive tree has arrived to complete this loving memorial to †Anne McMahon, the First Sorrowful Mystery. I have my eye on a few more garden statues, should any of you wish to donate the first or second Glorious Mystery.

Today Fr. Cekada catches his flight for Florida, and Fr. McGuire is with us for extra confessions. Be sure to do your Easter Duty in a timely way, and pray for those who have neglected it. Pray good St. Joseph for all of our needs at this church, and for the whole Holy Catholic Church. The Novena begins Tuesday.

May the Good Shepherd lead you to true Easter peace!
–Bishop Dolan