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St. Mark, Greater Litanies, Easter III

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner
I apologize to you for the inconvenience and confusion last Sunday when the water main broke. It does this about once a year, but this is the first – and I hope last – time on a Sunday. While I am grieved to think of souls turned away from Sunday Mass, I am edified by the pluck and spirit of sacrifice so many of you showed, not easily to be deterred from the debt of the Sunday Sacrifice of the Mass. May God reward you and grant you final perseverance.

Today is a day of greater prayer than usual. The Greater Litanies, like burst pipes, do not usually fall on a Sunday, but also offer their own special opportunities to prove our piety, and persevere in prayer. May God hear the prayers of those who “doubled up” today, and of all who processed with us.

Last Saturday eleven little future First Communicants were duly tested. Some must be re-tested on a chapter or two of Catechism, and some know everything perfectly. This is usually the case. All of our children, however, received the Sacrament of Penance, and will continue to prepare for Holy Communion by making good confessions, as should we all.

What a nice, long, sunny and peaceful Pascahltide we are having this April. May Our Risen Lord show you the steps to peace of heart, and Our Mother of Good Counsel tell you what to do. The Little Doctor of the Sick, the Holy Child Jesus, has special office hours for His feast on Friday. Walk-ins welcome!

Peace be yours in abundance. May the repeated petitions of many many rosaries and litanies be the steps in your path towards peace of heart.

–Bishop Dolan