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Solemnity of the Most Precious Blood

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Fr. McGuire and I left for France on St. John’s Day, the campfire songs and poetry (thank you, Fr. Cekada, a.k.a. “Uncle Remus”!) ringing in our ears. Thanks to everyone who helped for the St. John’s Eve Barbeque, and to the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Patton family especially for a wonderful Girls’ Camp.

Our French trip turned out beautifully, almost every detail as pleasant and convenient as last October’s trip and was full of crosses. Fr. Hecquard’s Ordination was unforgettable in its smooth, recollected solemnity. Four priests and well over three hundred faithful surrounded the Bishop for three and a half hours of that sacred rite. What a joy to have another Mass offered each day, another priest on this earth. What a hope-filled anchor to our faith is a priestly ordination. That Sunday afternoon was especially full with a reception, lunch, Vespers, Benediction and Confirmations.

Early the next day Fr. Hecquard offered his first Low Mass, and we accompanied him on a pilgrimage of consecration to St. Therese at Lisieux. The following days Fr. McGuire and I sought out St. Bernadette, St. Margaret Mary and the historical Sacred Heart Sanctuary of Paray – Le – Monial, St. Benedict and the Curé of Ars. Be sure we prayed for you all, and especially for our sick. Fr. McGuire made an excellent master of ceremonies and Bishop’s chauffeur, and picked up a little French as well. We both were so happy to see the saints.

Really, the only trial on the trip was the heat and humidity, which the French face rather stoically without air conditioning or fans, and with nary even an open window! I melted at the altar during the long Solemn Masses, as well as for the formal (and delicious) dinners. Little enough to offer up!

Thank you for your prayers for our trip. Fr. Larrabee is away on a little vacation this week. I hope your travels have been pleasant, and that your Summer is going well, too. Come and thank Our Lady Tuesday evening with the Rosary Procession, a perfect Summer family activity.

May the Saints keep you close to Jesus!
–Bishop Dolan