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Pentecost VIII

Click the photo above for a slide show from our Summer girls camp and our St. John’s Eve bonfire.

Bishop’s Corner

This has been a busy week at St. Gertrude, full of sadness but also spiritual joy. We were grieved by the Tuesday rains which impeded our Rosary Procession (and just when we could have used the heavenly help!) but consoled that at least a few faithful prayed the fifteen decades here at church.

I’ve been under the weather myself with some kind of infection or another, but am grateful to Fr. Cekada and Fr. McGuire for all of their hard work last week, as well as to a group of our faithful who assisted them in Columbus. St. Clare’s active congregation has shrunk since November to a small but very dedicated handful. However, they were not able to maintain the building, or keep up with the bills. Our running deficit has been over three thousand dollars a month. Therefore, after much prayer, consultation and waiting, we reached the decision to sell our current church in Columbus, and to concentrate our remaining resources on serving the faithful, in their homes, and promoting the work of the Church, rather than profits for the bank. Last week we had the sad task of packing and moving most of the contents of the church, some of which will be used in the missions, others to be donated to Fr. Saavadra’s church in Detroit, or stored here. It will be a cross to lose a beautiful church, but we know God rewards those who trustingly submit to His Holy Will, and will bring good even out of this evil.

Already, a great grace has come. Last week in the midst of packing, came word of the edifying end of one of the Death Row convert Catholics, William Garner. Fr. McGilloway CMRI had been one of the priests to visit him faithfully over the years and had the consolation of giving him the Sacraments an hour before his execution. Furthermore, Fr. McGilloway’s church (Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sulphur Springs, Ohio) provided for his funeral, which Fr. McGilloway celebrated in a funeral home in Cincinnati last Thursday. Thank God and the Little Flower for this conversion, and rejoice that the real work of the Church goes on, unimpeded.

Our celebrated author, Fr. Cekada, is giving a talk (which will be videotaped) on his new book, in Milwaukee this weekend. Pray for its success in opening many eyes, and for its author, who celebrates his 59th birthday today. I’m sure he’s happy to be visiting again his “home parish” of St Hugh for the occasion.

As you see by the bulletin we are not “taking it easy” this Summer, but rather taking advantage of the season and its customary observances to offer you everything from car blessing to a couples’ evening, and from Confession Sunday to Boys’ Camp. Thank you for your cooperation, your encouragement and your generous support which makes our active parish life of St. Gertrude the Great possible.

Because we’ve had such controversy and sadness since the Fall I have not wanted to “crack down” on anything else here at church. However. the mens’ dress code! It is interesting to note that our men and boys, not content with casting off their coats and ties, have quickly degenerated from casual to slovenly. Wives and mothers: Please dress your men for Sunday Mass!

I send a good behavior blessing home with you today,
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
–Bishop Dolan