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The Assumption of Our Lady

Click the photo above for a slide show from our Summer boys’ camp.

Bishop’s Corner
Blessed, hopeful rain is falling as I write my “Corner” on St. Philomena’s Day, praying for a bit of freshness for lawn and garden for Our Lady’s Day, the Assumption. I wish you a blessed one, and thank you for your participation in today’s glorious feast.

It was good to see that St. Philomena still has some devoted children in our midst. Visit her shrine this month, light a candle in her honor, ask her assistance. See how powerful she is with God, how she obtains many graces for us from the Mother of God.

Our beautiful Lourdes Grotto was scheduled to be the setting for Tom Kamphaus’ Rosary Friday, before his Requiem Mass. He and Connie were most devoted to Our Lady, and were often seen sitting on the bench, praying together. Well, Tom has gone to God now, and Eldon intends to refinish the bench (quite beat up by the sun this summer) so that others may continue to “come and sit with Mary awhile.”

The Pieta on the garden wall was found broken on Holy Saturday morning, possibly by high wind, but probably by vandals. Jim Soli has done an excellent job repairing this statue, which is now firmly anchored in place. We are grateful to our staff and volunteers for our beautiful grounds and prayerful shrines.

It was nice to visit with the dear loyal Cajun Catholics of Our Lady of the Rosary chapel last Sunday, out under an ancient oak tree after Mass. The chapel’s thirty-fifth anniversary is September 7th.

I was pleasantly surprised more than once this month with an excellent weekday Mass attendance, both for St. Dominic and St. Philomena. Come and surprise me. You might surprise yourself by discovering how peaceful such a Mass is, and how easy to get to or “fit in” your busy schedule. Bring the children – more Monstrances for the Eucharistic League.

May Our Lady take us all with her to Heaven!
–Bishop Dolan