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Pentecost XIV

Bishop’s Corner
During August we had to start watering the grounds at least a little to avoid burn-out. I hope that by now the lawn has regained his greenish cast, and that the flowers are blooming again.

Our Bendel memorial Dahlias have had a hard Summer, due to the dry weather, but also the multiplying groundhogs. Old Senex (or perhaps Mrs. Senex, Eldon says) has been joined by two hungry offspring, Puer and Phanuel. They like Dahlias so much that they set up an apartment in the rocks next door to the Dahlia bed. Eldon is doing his best to defend the Dahlias. All of our Bendels are gone, so I would hate to lose the Dahlias, too. I wonder what Bill would say?

There is an interesting link between the city of Santa Fe with its Conquistadora, and Cincinnati. Santa Fe’s first bishop, the French Mgr. Lamy, was working as a priest of the Cincinnati Archdiocese when he was named as bishop. He was consecrated in the Old St. Peter’s Chains Cathedral, named the “nursery of bishops” for its many episcopal consecrations over the years. Bishop Lamy recruited other French priests to assist him, and seems not entirely to have appreciated the customs of the Church in New Mexico. La Conquistadora was misidentified as Our Lady of Victories, a French title, for awhile. But it was Bishop Lamy who built a beautiful cathedral, while preserving and embellishing the old Lady Chapel containing the revered statue.

Sometimes for a little rest in the Summer I like to stay in Santa Fe, near enough to visit La Conquistadora daily. We have some faithful in New Mexico whom we visit for Mass, etc. There is always plenty of quiet for prayer and reading, a retreat-like atmosphere in a sense.

I look forward to seeing you all for the First Friday weekend, and the start of a new season in September, with Our Lady’s Nativity.

Confiding you all to her Immaculate Heart,
–Bishop Dolan