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September, 2010 Archives

Martyrs and Angels —Bp. Daniel Dolan

North American Martyrs / Angel Sunday

The North American Martyrs

Bishop’s Corner I hope there are many little children to bless and dedicate to their Guardian Angel today. The other Sunday I was thinking how nice it is that the 11:30 is once again full of families especially, with many infants in arms and little children. These lucky babies, if their parents persevere, are destined […]

Stumbling About in Darkness —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows

Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows

Bishop’s Corner Did you remember to pray last week for rain? We did, but to be on the safe side, Eldon and Dale watered everything on Wednesday, which was guaranteed to bring rain. Sure enough, I awakened during the night to the sound of a very fine shower of rain. Now, let us continue to […]

Fund Raisers and Sacristans —Bp. Daniel Dolan

The Holy Name of Mary

Holy Name of Mary

Bishop’s Corner We have hit the ground running, as they say. It’s almost a shock to the system to go from pleasant days of vacation to the intense planning, meeting, and writing that go to make up a new season. Our Catechism classes start this Sunday, choir practice on Wednesday evening, and the Church picnic […]

Something for Nothing? —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Pentecost XV

Pentecost XV

Bishop’s Corner I hope you all are enjoying a nice last weekend of Summer, as we celebrate Labor Day. This holiday, like all of our American observances, readily directs the mind and heart beyond the cook outs, get-togethers and politicians’ speeches which characterize our first weekend in September. It is more even than a little […]