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Holy Name of Mary

Bishop’s Corner
We have hit the ground running, as they say. It’s almost a shock to the system to go from pleasant days of vacation to the intense planning, meeting, and writing that go to make up a new season. Our Catechism classes start this Sunday, choir practice on Wednesday evening, and the Church picnic is next Sunday…

It was no shock but rather a most pleasant surprise to see so many at Mary’s birthday Mass last Wednesday, the opening of our school year. We even had to have another priest assist with Holy Communion! After the sweet little procession and the blessing of the pansies, we went to Helfta Hall, which was full of happy children and mothers. We all sang “Happy Birthday” to our Blessed Mother, and enjoyed the little party. I know Our Lady was as touched as I was at the great turnout for her Nativity.

The other excitement for that day was the premature report of Caravaggio’s demise. However, using one of his nine lives, he appeared that evening out of the bushes, looking for dinner as usual. How happy we were to see him! Being a cat, he managed to restrain his enthusiasm.

How was your Labor Day? We had a proper sung Mass for St. Joseph at his altar, with sermon and devotions, and a good attendance to ask his intercession for all of our works, and workers. Afterwards, the priests went over to the lovely new country home of Charles and Bev Simpson, where we visited with some of the faithful and friends. Fr. Saavedra came down from Detroit and joined us. He had a nice home visit to Mexico in August, and is keeping busy with regular parish work: visiting the sick, church maintenance, weddings, and all the rest. It is always nice to see him.

Fr. McGuire has found a home for St. Clare in his native Chillicothe, and regular Sunday Masses, after a brief hiatus, have resumed. Almost all of our faithful have begun attending again, and are very pleased with our prospects. Thank you, St. Clare!

Do remember the Fatima Rosary Procession Monday evening, and Tuesday’s Holy Cross Day. Oh, and don’t forget the parish picnic next Sunday afternoon.

May the Holy Name of Mary be a blessing and protection to us all throughout this school year.

–Bishop Dolan