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The North American Martyrs

Bishop’s Corner
I hope there are many little children to bless and dedicate to their Guardian Angel today. The other Sunday I was thinking how nice it is that the 11:30 is once again full of families especially, with many infants in arms and little children. These lucky babies, if their parents persevere, are destined to become “St. Gertrude the Great children.” After awhile attending Mass regularly at our church, even little children pick up on the quiet and the reverence. Oh, it’s a bit at a time and sometimes progress seems slight, but St. Gertrude children know God’s House and its holiness even at a young age. They are blessed, and so are we.

We are blessed at the High Mass this morning to have the children of our St. Gertrude the Great School Choir singing. They are an accomplished little group, and it seems so fitting for them to sing on Angel Sunday. Come again soon, little angels! In the meantime, you can hear our children sing daily at the school Mass, 11:20 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Our Adult Choir had their first Sunday for the Solemnity of the Seven Sorrows, and have been busy practicing this month for Rosary Sunday. They have welcomed some new members, and would be happy to welcome you as well.

First Friday leads us into Mary’s Rosary month of October this week. I thank the men of the Guard of Honor for their fidelity in watching over the Blessed Sacrament during the night. We could use some more men for several hours, as well as anyone of any age for the Holy Hour at 7:45 First Friday night. We recite the Rosary and Sacred Heart prayers together, and there are beautiful prayers and meditations read. I do hope First Saturday morning is better attended this fall. Pray the Rosary with us now before the 7:30 Mass and Benediction.

Speaking of the Rosary, we’re happily preparing Rosary Sunday’s roses and breakfast as well as its music. Be sure to participate in this cherished tradition of our church. Some great organizing, both for food and for games, was in evidence last Sunday at our annual picnic. Some were resting, some were visiting under the shelter, some were out playing; but all were having a great time. First prize for creativity goes to whoever thought of the T.V. pinata for our older children to whack at. Brilliant! Next year, we’ll have one for adults too.

I added the special collect for rain to last Wednesday’s High Mass, and immediately it clouded over. We had a nice, gentle rain for a quarter of an hour . . . not enough, but a good start. Pray for rain.

Caravaggio, a singularly lucky cat, was once again mistaken for dead last Saturday, and buried in absentia. He didn’t know anything about it, though, until he showed up for supper. I figure he still has seven lives left.

May God Bless the children and the cats, and all of God’s beloved creatures.
Blessed Angel Sunday! –Bishop Dolan