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Pentecost XXI

Bishop’s Corner
Today’s feast of St. Margaret Mary makes us think of the Sacred Heart, the main devotion (among so many!) at St. Gertrude the Great. Your Rosary meditation can help to inspire you with a greater, more generous love of the Sacred Heart. Come to the Friday evening Novena sometime both to ask and receive.

Last Wednesday evening’s devotion was the Rosary, and Our Lady of Fatima. We’ve been praying for a good rain for ever so long, and the Good Lord decided to answer us precisely on Wednesday evening. I was praying, I guess, for rain, but not then. Still, Our Lord knows best. We had a beautiful blue candlelight Rosary in church, so quiet and still, with which to end this year’s Fatima Rosary Processions. Thank you for coming.

I imagine our Fall colors will be muted this year, due to the drought. Still, the days are magnificent in our Cincinnati Autumn.

I had a good visit with the faithful of St. Hugh in Milwaukee last week. It always has been a very small, but active and generous congregation. It’s always a pleasure to visit them.

Fr. Cekada reports two new American students at our seminary, one of whom is from Michigan, and the other from Arizona. Please pray for their perseverance. The seminary chapel is just about ready for use now, which will be very much appreciated for the busy liturgical life of the seminary.

Fr. McGuire and Fr. Larrabee, in addition to their mission travels and teaching at our school (lucky children to have priests as teachers!) are ever zealous to visit our sick and shut in, bringing them our prayers and greetings, and Our Lord in Holy Communion. This also enables us to keep track of all of our sick, and reminds us to remember them in prayer.

Please remember to pray for Fr. Ercoli during his missionary trip to Africa. Keep those Rosaries coming all month, and all year, long.

May Our Lady of the Rosary bless and keep your family,
–Bishop Dolan