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Christ the King

Be sure to listen to Bp. Dolan’s Christ the King sermon: From Actors to Saints

Bishop’s Corner
The strong winds at the beginning of the week blew in a brief, refreshing relief from our Summer drought, but now it feels like Winter as I write this. We’ve just had a sugary sweet Halloween lunch for the little ones (one or two larger goblins got in on it) this Saints Simon and Jude Day. (Thanks, Katie!) Now we can look forward to St. Martin’s Summer, a few final days of sun before Winter. But today we’re getting a taste of weather in store for us, and it’s not sweet.

Another party took place on Sunday, again for adults and children, and All Saints. At St. Gertrude we try to observe all of our special days not only by prayer, but also by a party. This is very Catholic, in addition to being lots of fun. How wonderful is the fullness of Catholic life. Our thanks to all who are helping this season of All Saints and Souls.

Our handsome goldfish, Jim and Ollie (there may be an anonymous third) are looking prosperous and well fed as they go into Winter. They are probably the quietest creatures at St. Gertrude, and their discretion gives us all a good example. It is remarkable to consider how they survive the long cold Winters in their little pond.

Our thanks to God for the rain, and all of His rich blessings and mercies bestowed upon us. We will have a perfect opportunity to thank Him in the next celebration at our church: Forty Hours, November 19-21. Our All Night Adoration for November begins after the opening Mass that Friday evening.

Take advantage of these last days of borrowed light to hear some of the late afternoon Masses this week. Then, remember to reset your clock on Saturday evening as we enter the darkness.

May Christ be your light these days of grace, and light and peace for our Poor Souls.
God bless you,
–Bishop Dolan