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Advent II

Bishop’s Corner
It snowed, or tried to, on December 1st, almost as if to say, along with the biting chill: “December is here, winter has arrived.” The
day before so many of you charitably braved the rains and the dark day to be the family for Ed Sayre’s funeral – his Rosary and Mass. I’m so proud of you for this wonderful and touching work of charity, and I am sure his family was moved as well.

Painting resumed yesterday in the church after a Thanksgiving hiatus. We hope to have everything done and dry before the Christmas decorations go up.

It turns out our speakers got disconnected, so the PA system was pretty much “down and out” of late. Those of you who reported problems hearing weren’t imagining things. I’m sorry for the trouble, and hope to have everything working well today. We’ll be getting a new, larger microphone to pick up and relay the sermon better.

The cats are exceptionally well clothed for winter this year. Their fluffy, thick white fur reminds me of the ermine on a cardinal’s Cappa Magna. I wonder if this means we will have a hard winter?

Well, hard or soft, it is in Our Lord’s hands, and we know we are, too. I look forward to seeing most of you again on Wednesday for our dear Lady’s Immaculate Conception.

How is your Advent coming? Do you at least yearn for Christ to come and change you and save you? Good – a first step. Take the rest with Mary. They go easier that way.

With a blessing,
–Bishop Dolan