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Epiphany III

Bishop’s Corner
Another “snow cycle” began again last Thursday. We are grateful for the moisture, but also for the intervals of clear weather, when it is easy to move around, and anyone could make it to church.

Fr. McGuire departed in the snowstorm for points east, including the funeral on Friday for Jackie Neubauer, first coordinator of our little St. Isidore mission in rural Saybrook, Illinois. Father has visited them for a number of years now. Do keep her soul in your prayers.

During a break in the snowy weather, we gave Ernie Nellenbach a “fine send off,” as the Irish would say. I thank everyone who came to the Rosary and Solemn Requiem Mass {or “high high,” as young Conrad Arlinghaus characterizes such services. (I’m sure he’ll grow up to be an excellent MC or bishop one day himself.)}

Eva Nellenbach told me after Mass that Fr. Joseph Collins of Glenmont, New York came up to the Utica area for Ernie’s funeral. Since the family has property in the country there, they were able to have their own family cemetery. Ernie selected his burial spot last summer. He is far away from us, but also very near. Remember this good man, and keep him in your prayers.

Today I am at Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Florida to give the annual retreat. This year’s theme is “The Friendship of Christ.” Please pray that these young men become good friends of Our Lord, so that they may be good priests. I am looking forward to this retreat there, with its atmosphere of silence and prayer.

How much we need priests, but good priests, faithful friends of Christ who preach Him and not themselves, mortified men on fire with holy zeal, and the charity of Christ. Pray for vocations. Encourage them. Support our seminary. Pray for priests and help them in any way possible.

This past Friday was the anniversary of the death of the intrepid African missionary Fr. Leslie, which some of you charitably remembered by requesting Masses. This week is the anniversary of Fr. Randolph, whose recorded sermons edified the faithful long after his death. “How much difference one priest makes,” the young fathers were saying the other day. How true this is. Again, pray for priests.

May God bless you!
–Bishop Dolan