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Epiphany IV

Bishop’s Corner
Tomorrow January ends, and Wednesday, Christmas. Make of these endings a good beginning by a resolution or two, borrowed perhaps from St. Francis de Sales, whom we solemnize today. (You might call him the patron saint of reading as well as of writing.) It is too long to wait for Lent to reform us this year. Let us get started ourselves by good Catholic reading, and see the blessings that would follow!

Read the whole of your Sunday bulletin for starters, and not just “the good parts.” Carry a good book with you, or that article you’ve been meaning to get to. Tackle some good book you’ve bought once with the best of intentions. The Introduction to the Devout Life ranks right up there with the Imitation of Christ. A little bit each day will light your way, lighten your load, and help you love your Lord as well as your neighbor.

If all went as planned, I returned Friday from Florida and the seminarians’ retreat. This Friday I must leave for Mexico, and my annual visit to Fr. Siordia’s flock, as well as the faithful of Fr. Vergara. My trip is earlier than usual, as I am going for the February feast of Our Lord of the Expiration, a traditional day for Confirmations. About a hundred children are anticipated for next Sunday.

That same weekend, Bishop Sanborn will be interviewing potential seminarians in France, and offering Sunday Mass for Fr. Roger’s faithful at St. Pius V Church in Rennes. Do keep the bishops’ safe travels in your prayers, as well as those of all of our priests.

We are very much looking forward to our Candlemas celebration on Wednesday evening, and counting on your prayers and presence as well for First Friday and its powerful All Night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

If you follow a devotional schedule in your own life, and participate in the church life at St. Gertrude, you will always be leading “the devout life,” always keeping yourself in good shape spiritually.

This blessing I send to you via your guardian angel, and Our Lady’s intercession.
–Bishop Dolan