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Epiphany VI

Bishop’s Corner
Fr. Cekada was teaching at the seminary last week, while I was in Mexico. I myself visited the seminary in January, to give the retreat. I must say I was very impressed, not only with the beautiful chapel which is nearing completion, but also with the caliber of our future priests, intelligent and dedicated young men from so many lands, intent on serving God and souls. Their humble devotion and hard work fills us with hope for the future. Some of them will be helping us here for Holy Week, and the rest Fr. Saavedra in Detroit. Remember, in your tithing, something for the seminary each month. It’s your future you’re providing for!

Bishop Sanborn last Sunday visited one thriving corner of the Church in France, Fr. Roger’s chapel in Brittany’s capital, Rennes. Only a year ago we had Fr. Hecquard with us to prepare for his ordination. Now, he is there, a priest and a great help in God’s vineyard. May our potential French vocations blossom the same way.

The other day our missionary priest Fr. McGuire (who carefully tends to four small missions, as well as St. Hugh of Lincoln Church in Milwaukee, and helps us here at St. Gertrude!) reminded me of the how much St. Bernadette helped us in France last summer. After visiting her beautiful tomb in Nevers (St. Bernadette is an “incorruptible”) we headed for the Sacred Heart and Paray-le-Monial, without ever checking the gas gauge. I guess our heads were in the clouds! We soon came down to earth when we started driving on E, and so far from a gas station. St. Bernadette did not fail us, however, and we smoothly pulled into a gas station just as we were “going on fumes,” as they say. Sometimes, especially in travels, but even in troubles at home, we just have to stop and thank God for His undeserved blessings and tender considerations! Our lives are a tissue of heavenly help, in matters both great and small.

May Our Lord bless our sick today, and all of those for whom we pray. Let us spare a prayer for our young people, both those courting and engaged. May St. Valentine, whose name means “strong,” show them the way of strong, pure love.

God bless and keep you in His loving care through Our Lady.
–Bishop Dolan