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Bishop’s Corner
The last days of Epiphanytide saw an early spring arrive to usher in Septuagesima, preparation in turn for the soul’s springtime, Lent. I knew it! Already on the last Sunday of January there was a bit of spring in the air, confirmed by Candlemas’ cloudy dawn later that week. Furthermore, the blackbirds were courting, and checking out nesting in my garden wall, as is their wont. Caravaggio and Puccini have certainly been enjoying the warm weather, and I hope you do, too.

Well, warmth is always on offer in southern Mexico, “land of perpetual spring,” even if it is noisy. Fr. Siordia’s small and ancient church is set in dappled shade. I was quite warm on Sunday the sixth of February by the time we finished with almost seventy Confirmations. While it gets cold at night, the southern part of Vera Cruz (True Cross) state has a tropical climate during the day. We were there to visit our Fr. Vergara and his flock. They are building a most impressive church, mostly on faith.

I offered Holy Mass for all of the intentions confided to me for Our Lord of the Expiration, and as well for our sick in honor of Little Dr. Jesus, whom we visited, as is our custom, on our way to Vera Cruz. May He visit all of our sick, and cure them.

When we returned to Cocoyoc towards the end of our trip, I asked Fr. Siordia if he was tired. He allowed as he was, not only for the long hours of driving, but also for the responsibility of taking care of a bishop! Well, thank you for your prayers which kept us safely under the wings of angels all the while.

Please keep all of our flying priests in your prayers. Fr. Cekada is in Milwaukee today. This is his native city, and for many years he served St. Hugh Church almost every Sunday. Our Louisiana coordinator reports that newly ordained Fr. Fliess got a warm Cajun welcome last Sunday for his visit to Our Lady of the Rosary. Remember Fr. Le Gal? He was ordained here by Bishop Sanborn five years ago. His Excellency met with him during his recent French trip. Fr. Le Gal has been taking care of small groups of firm, logical Catholics in England over the years, in addition to his work in France and Italy. The Polish Father Trytek, who also honored us once with a visit, now visits a small group in Germany, in addition to his apostolate in Crakow.

Here at home, we had 17 girls for our first meeting of the Maidens of the Immaculate Heart, and a good time was had by all. Thank you to the ladies who organized this, as well as the artistic St. Valentine sale. I’m thinking of Lent next, and would be happy for any suggestions of how to do our Friday night suppers this year? God bless and reward your love for our church, and the Holy Catholic Church.

Yours in Mary Immaculate,
–Bishop Dolan