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April, 2011 Archives

Low Sunday

Bishop’s Corner All outdoors seemed a great Easter basket this past Thursday, filled with tall green grass under sunny skies, and an Easter Bunny as well. These were my thoughts that morning as I spied a rabbit from my window. I hope you too enjoyed the sunny skies which returned at last, after so much […]

The Meaning of Life —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Bishop’s Corner I write this on a rainy Tuesday in Holy Week, reflecting on the splendid Palm Sunday we had, and hoping for another Easter Triduum with which to glorify God. At St. Gertrude, we are nothing if we do not glorify God. We do this out of love for Our Lord, joined to some […]

April 2011 Newsletter

St. Gertrude the Great April 2011 Newsletter is available. Read our newsletter for an update from Most Holy Trinity Seminary, as well as commentary from Bp. Dolan on St. Catherine of Siena and The Holy Child Jesus, Doctor of the Sick. Be sure to buy your copy of Fr. Cekada’s book, “Work of Human Hands”. […]

From our Childrens’ Day of Recollection: Feed Your Soul —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Children’s Day of Recollection

Palm Sunday

Bishop’s Corner April truly is a cruel month, as the Poet says. It is a month of extremes of heat and cold, of promises unmet which leave us wary and weary. In a word, April is a perfect “month of the Passion.” Nature illustrates and invites us to meditate just something of what nature’s Maker […]

Hatred’s Headquarters: Hell —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Passion Sunday

Lent V – Passion Sunday

Bishop’s Corner Our old Obergammergau crucifix, (purchased in Baltimore) atop the arch made for it by a local Cincinnati old Italian woodcarver, was easily raised over the rood screen last week by Gino and James McMahon, and that just in time for Passiontide. Its height lifts our eyes to Heaven even as the crucifix reminds […]

Joy, Despair & Depression —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Lent IV

Lent IV – Laetare

Bishop’s Corner It’s usually customary to rejoice on Mid-Lent Sunday because Lent is half over, and Easter approaches. However, slackers that we are, we should rejoice that we still have half a Lent, most of this month of April, to be serious about afflicting ourselves (rather than others) and drawing ourselves and others closer to […]