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Palm Sunday

Bishop’s Corner
April truly is a cruel month, as the Poet says. It is a month of extremes of heat and cold, of promises unmet which leave us wary and weary. In a word, April is a perfect “month of the Passion.” Nature illustrates and invites us to meditate just something of what nature’s Maker made Man went through these days, in His Passion and Death, His humiliation and His triumph.

Let us offer the cruelties of this month, the cruelties of fallen nature and man, in reparation for all that suffering Our Lord went through these days to save us and renew us by His grace. We all have plenty of cruelty on our own count to bring to the Cross to be changed and transformed, or cruelty to be carried quietly and lovingly up our way to Calvary.

May the cruelest month see us the very kindest of Christians. May Holy Week find us, if not holy, at least humble. These are the days when Love conquered hatred by the Holy Cross. Stand there, die there, with Jesus and Mary. Be faithful.

-Bishop Dolan