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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Good Friday - Altar of Repose
Click the photo above for a slideshow from our 2011 Holy Week ceremonies.


The following weekday Masses will be webcast this week: (This is not an exhaustive list of Masses. Click “Download the Bulletin” for additional Mass times.)

Mon: 5:00 PM
Tue: 8:00 AM
Wed: 9:00 AM
Thu: 11:20 AM
Fri: 11:20 AM


It’s almost time for the St. Gertrude the Great Girls’ Camp! Girls ages 5-16+ are welcome to join us on July 6, 7, and 8th for three days of fun and spiritual activities. We will be joined by three sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas for days filled with camp favorites such as archery, scrap-booking and of course, the popular Ice Cream Social.

This year we’ll also be adding new activities such as candy making, a canoe trip (age appropriate), overnight camping (age appropriate too!) and bonfire, as well as an elegant Little Girls’ Tea Party. Come join the fun!

Please call the office for further details and to register. The cost of this camp is funded by the donations of our generous sponsors.

Bishop’s Corner
Another great week opens in this, our “summer of solemnities.” By now, usually, Corpus Christi is a sweet memory, fading like incense which lingers a bit in the sanctuary, as summer sizzles on with its own routine. Not so this year. Like a garden which blooms all at once, we keep all together some of the greatest feasts and the dearest devotions during these days of Corpus Christi.

Vacation schedules conflict and weather may complicate things a bit, but these are “vocation days” for us Catholics. So today we accompany Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the Procession, and keep the Divine Prisoner company at least a little during our morning of adoration. Some will make the sweet sacrifice to assist at the weekday Masses before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed.

In the light of the Monstrance this week, in the rays of glory which shine from the Sacred Host, we honor Our Lady of Perpetual Help, SS Peter and Paul, the Sacred Heart (both the Feast and First Friday) with its All Night Adoration. We close this extraordinary decade of days, ten public expositions in a row, with Our Lady’s Visitation on First Saturday. If everyone does his part, there will be adorers enough to go around, even as there are graces enough for all of our needs. Come, Let us adore! Come, ye poor, and leave with your pockets full of treasures.

During these days of grace, please remember to pray for all of our priests and bishops. Bishop Sanborn observes his thirty-sixth anniversary of ordination on Wednesday, and I my thirty-fifth, while it is the thirty-fourth for Fr. Cekada. Over a century of sacertodal service!

Next weekend comes our national holiday, Independence Day. Let us fervently pray to the Sacred Heart for our beloved land, her conversion and peace and prosperity. This will be the intention of our all night adoration. Thank you for making this possible.

Thank you to everyone who has been working so hard “rain and shine” to make our feasts so friendly with food and drink, and so beautiful with decorations, devout music and ceremonies. May God, Who chose to give us these days in this way at this time, give each of you the graces to put them to good use, all for His glory, answering each one of our needs.

Come, let us adore!
–Bishop Dolan