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Pentecost V

The following weekday Masses will be webcast this week: (This is not an exhaustive list of Masses. Click “Download the Bulletin” for additional Mass times.)

Mon: 8:00 AM
Tue: 8:00 AM
Wed: 9:00 AM
Thu: 11:20 AM
Fri: 5:45 PM

Bishop’s Corner
For July, our church certainly is a busy place. The only thing not growing around here this hot summer is the grass! This is a good thing, as there is plenty of maintenance and repair work to do on the inside. In addition to cleaning and painting, the parking lot asphalt needs looking to. There is always plenty of work to do…

One of the wonderful things about any special project at St. Gertrude is the number of volunteers who help, from asphalt to All Night Adoration. This was in evidence for our Girls’ Camp. Between the sisters and the volunteers, the girls were kept happy and busy all day long. The last night, camping night, it rained, which seemed only to add to the excitement and fun.

Parishioners, parents and grandparents turned out in good numbers for the charming little program after last Sunday’s High Mass. The girls sang several hymns, and the little ones literally chimed in with instruments. The beautiful reception which followed honored the sisters. It was a blessing to have them these days.

One afternoon I happened upon a Marian Tea the little girls were having “for the Blessed Mother” while the older ones went canoeing. Each one of the titles of Our Lady’s litany was symbolized by something savory, and noted with a name card. Obviously, much love and care goes into such a project.

Fr. Cekada crashed the tea, and as he was piling his plate with irresistible goodies, a very little girl came up to him and asked, shyly and softly, when the Blessed Mother would be coming? After all the tea was in her honor! Such sweet innocence makes working with children its own reward.

Fr. McGuire and Fr. Larrabee will be working with the dads this week to prepare for the boys’ camp, a week from tomorrow. Men, thanks in advance for your help.

I want to thank you as well for your help with the Sunday High Mass. The enthusiastic singing is full throated and sincere, I know. At the same time, we are so happy to welcome three new servers as torch bearers. They are “fresh from the Communion Rail” as they have just made their First Communion at Pentecost, and were so eager to serve.

Let’s give them, and all of our children, a good example by frequenting the Sacraments this summer, and not neglecting weekday Mass or Benediction. Show God and His children your sincere devotion year round.

Thanks to those who made the special effort to come to last week’s Fatima Rosary Procession.

May this summer mark your spiritual growth!
–Bishop Dolan