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Pentecost XII

The following weekday Masses will be webcast this week: (This is not an exhaustive list of Masses. Click “Download the Bulletin” for additional Mass times.)

Mon: 9:00 AM
Tue: 8:00 AM
Wed: 11:20 AM
Thu: 11:20 AM
Fri: 11:20 AM

Bishop’s Corner
Last Thursday a dry, hot and muggy September greeted us. The grass we haven’t watered is mostly straw and the trees we planted by the rectory are in shock, and are shedding their shriveled leaves. The Knock Out Roses are pretty much down for the count. Although this is summer’s normal toll, it does sound apocalyptic to write it out. Add the earthquake, hurricane and flooding, and youd think people would start praying, wouldn’t you?

We had water on our minds last week. One family has been sharing the bounty of their garden with us this summer, and I thought I’d cook a little pasta the other evening to go with it. What a scene! There was a bishop, a priest, and a deacon (sounds like today’s Gospel, but the Good Samaritan never arrived), all trying to figure out…how to boil water! You see, we bought a used electric stove for the Convento kitchen, which has proven pretty much unusable, the knobs being purely decorative. Only Fr. Larrabee has figured out the system, such as it is. He was charitably visiting the otherwise isolated Fr. Ercoli in Seattle, however. We did manage to boil the fusilli, but turning off the burner was beyond the three of us. Fr. Cekada finally left his dinner to throw the breaker. Curious system. Modern conveniences.

Today I am away to Louisiana for my annual visit, and Confirmations. Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel near Opelousas is thirty-six years old. We had the sadness last month of losing the last member of the “founding family,” Steve Faud. Please keep him, as well as all of our scattered missions and faithful, in your prayers.

I had a nice visit with some members of the Wright family from Minnesota last Sunday evening. They were in town for son Daniel’s wedding to Rosemary Geckle at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sulphur Springs. This represents the happy union of two strong traditional Catholic families. We wish them well. I first met Francine when she came here to be confirmed years ago. Her husband Brad is away working in Williston, a North Dakota boom town. I offered Mass near there once, in Wolf Point, Montana, many years ago, for a man who had joined the Freemasons just to be able to have a job. Thank God he and his son were reconciled to the Church. I never saw them again, but Grace has its moments.

We at St. Gertrude have the joy of two weddings this Saturday, and I do ask your prayers for these happy couples to be united in holy wedlock. Charles Henry will wed Beverly Powell. We wish them much happiness together, and also to Robby Brockman, a true son of St. Gertrude, who will marry Lisa Powers. It will be a busy, but a happy Saturday.

Pray, too, for a good year for our little school which does so much, as well as for all of our students in the parish. We sing the Votive Mass of the Holy Ghost on Wednesday for God’s blessings on this year. Surely, however, our children have already drawn down many graces by coming to church to sing feast day or the monthly Requiem Masses during the summer. God reward them and their parents.

Thursday we will be blessed by the happiest of birthdays, our Blessed Mother’s. Bring your children for the Mass and Blessing of Seeds and Seedlings, and the party. If we begin the year with Mary, we know it will end well. The next day, September 9th, is our own Fr. McGuire’s birthday. We are grateful for all that this missionary does for souls. Fr. McGuire has been working with the Rev. Mr. Lehtoranta as he learns how to offer Mass. All of us have been giving tips to our deacon as well, in view of his first sermon, preached this morning. It is a fine thing to say Hail Marys for a preacher’s success.

Thank you for your prayers, faithful financial support, and extra Mass attendance. Do help us to keep up the Holy Hour schedule. You can make one in your own home if you wish. Pray the Rosary, read devotional prayers, read in a prayerful way, and sit or kneel quietly with Our Lord, in union with His Holy Hour in Gethsemane. If only we knew the power of prayer.

I conclude with a cat story…well, a kitten tale, actually. A hungry little kitten took refuge in our cloister on August 23rd. The Lotarski children, who were at church that day, took it upon themselves to feed and entertain their furry little friend. The kitten spent the night in the cloister, but by the next day was adopted by Katie. Being a Gertrudian cat, a liturgical name was called for. Bart (for the Apostle) soon ceded to Pippa (female Italian diminutive of Philip, from August 23rd) when the vet clarified matters. Pippa joined Pius, another Gertrudian foundling, at Katie’s menagerie. God love our animal lovers, including the anonymous neighbor who’s been grooming Caravaggio and Puccini. These two roll regularly in the brambles, but always look their best.

With best wishes for a pleasant Labor Day tomorrow, and prayers for St. Josepht blessing on all of your undertakings,

-Bishop Dolan