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Pentecost XV

From Fr. McGuire:

Dear Faithful,

While Bishop Dolan is away in France he asked that I write a letter to all of you. I was asked to write a little something about the missions which I take care of. Well, where do I start? How about St. Clare’s in Chillicothe.

Our little home chapel has been a long work in progress, but is turning out quite nicely. We have only a few more things to do – such as putting a finish on the doors, “touching up” some of the corners, and building a little baldacchino above the altar. We will then be able to reserve the Blessed Sacrament – something which I am only too happy to do. The town of Chillicothe has been, like most towns, without the true Mass and Sacramental presence of Our Lord for many years. I am confident that the presence of Our Lord will bring many graces and converts to the area.

We run another small mission in Necedah, Wisconsin. Necedah is known for the false Marian apparitions which took place here in the mid 1900’s. However, we are obviously not connected with this. Our mission, named Our Lady of Sorrows, has recently met with its first sorrow – the loss of one of the faithful, John Miller. Please pray for him. Mr. Miller died a rather sudden death, but one which was not unprovided for. He had been to my Mass just two days before and received the the sacraments. When he was found dead, he was holding onto his brown scapular and a crucifix. I have found that God has always seen to the spiritual needs of the missions, even when there is not a resident priest.

There are two missions in Illinois, one near the Iowa border, in Chadwick, Illinois. This is named St. Joseph Mission, and has an average of 10 faithful. The other is located in a small farm town called Saybrook, which is near Bloomington, Illinois. This letter was the very 1st mission which Bishop Dolan sent me to shortly after my ordination.

Finally, St. Teresa of Avila Mission in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Although there are only about 8 adults and 3 children with a 4th on the way, I believe there is some possibility of growth. Not a one of the faithful has reached the age of 30! Even though they are so young they seem to take their faith quite seriously.

Though our missions are small, this is the harvest of souls which God has given us. The priest must do his best to care for them. The priest depends to a great extent on the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful for the success of his apostolate. May I ask you all- especially the children – to pray for this apostolate, as well as the apostolate of every priest?

May God Bless You and Mary Keep You,
-Fr. McGuire