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Palm Sunday

                         Holy Week Schedule:

Bishop’s Corner
It seems that our early Spring burned through the calendar–and temperatures–in record time, doesn’t it? But last week’s Annunciation brought us a “grateful coolness in the heat,” one more image of God the Holy Ghost Who overshadowed the Virgin Mary. His refreshing shadow spanned two days of celebration for the mystery of the Incarnation. Last Sunday’s Passion gave way to the Annunciation in the Afternoon of Recollection, a wonderful opportunity for silence and prayer for the twenty-some faithful who made it. Monday’s bright chill saw us resume the feast with Solemn Mass and afternoon adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Many of the faithful made this third Solemn High Mass, made possible by the presence of the three “young fathers” with whom our church is blessed this season, as well as by our devoted and talented children. I thank them and so many church helpers at this busy season, and this week of weeks, Holy Week, in particular. Participation is its own reward, a precious share in the saving Passion of Jesus Christ. Share these graces–these sweet memories which are building blocks of the Christian life, with your children, and anyone you can talk into attending. The warm weather calls you away, it is true, but the warmth of your charity impels you to stay. May the Holy Ghost, fire of God’s love, burn bright in your breast these last days of Lent, and light your way to Easter’s dawn.

As the Greeks sing in the Cherubic Hymn of their Mass or Divine Liturgy, “let us who mystically represent the Cherubim, lay aside all earthly care, and sing…”

I wish you the holiest of Holy Weeks!
–Bishop Dolan