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April, 2012 Archives

St. Joseph, Exile and Vatican II —Bp. Daniel Dolan

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Easter III

Our school children sing at their spring spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Bishop’s Corner I am writing this on the feast of the Mother of Good Counsel, who graciously shared that day’s honors with her Son’s first Evangelist, St. Mark. The Divine Child she holds and the Man-God held out by the first Gospel, both present to […]

Unity, Calm, and Charity Among Catholics

St. Gertrude the Great April 2012 Newsletter is available. See photos from Holy Week. Also, Bp. Dolan makes the case for unity, calm, and charity among Catholics, despite divisions on secondary issues. Be sure to buy your copy of Fr. Cekada’s book, “Work of Human Hands”. “Work of Human Hands” is also available on Amazon.com.

Mercy and Forgiveness —Bp. Daniel Dolan

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Easter II

Bishop’s Corner Last week, Low Week was high Spring for us, cool and sunny, with birds and a bunny (I spied one as I knelt to pray the other morning), all the sweeter because it came after such a short but strong taste of Summer last month. Christ is risen! Our Fr. Valeriy in Ukraine […]

Low Sunday

The historic April 15th deadline for the SSPX to make an agreement with Benedict XVI has arrived. What will SSPX head Bp. Bernard Fellay do? A former SSPX priest, Fr. Anthony Cekada, will join Restoration Radio to talk about this event and similar situations in SSPX in 1983, 1988, 2000, and 2007. • Date: Sunday, […]

Avoid Sin By Strengthening Faith —Fr. Stephen McKenna

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No More Sin – No More World —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Easter Sunday Download MP3

Easter Sunday

Bishop’s Corner Happy and Holy Easter to you! As I pen these greetings, our “little village” at St. Gertrude the Great is humming with life and activity, as we prepare for the Triduum Sacrum. Now, “it is accomplished,” another Holy Week at St. Gertrude the Great and we bask in the sunshine of our Risen […]

March 2012 Newsletter

St. Gertrude the Great March 2012 Newsletter is available. Fr. Stephen McKenna is ordained in Boston by Bp. Dolan. Be sure to buy your copy of Fr. Cekada’s book, “Work of Human Hands”. “Work of Human Hands” is also available on Amazon.com.

A Story that Never Grows Old —Bp. Daniel Dolan

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