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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Procession to our Lourdes Grotto
Corpus Christi Procession to our Lourdes Grotto

Veneration of the Blessed Sacrament Preceding Benediction
Veneration of the Blessed Sacrament Preceding Benediction

The Procession Returns to Church
The Procession Returns to Church

Our 2012 First Communicants
Our 2012 First Communicants

Save these dates for the St. Gertrude the Great Girls’ Camp!
Girls ages 5 – 16+ are welcome to join us on July 11th, 12th and 13th for three days of fun and spiritual activities. We will be joined by three Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas for days filled with camp favorites such as archery, scrapbooking and of course, the popular Ice Cream Social. We’ll also have our second “annual” canoe trip (age appropriate), overnight camping and bonfire again. New activities for this summer include origami, cake decorating, making a personalized Rosary and some surprises! Come join the fun! The cost of this camp is funded by the generous donations of our sponsors.

Also, Save the Date for Boys’ Camp!
July 24-26

Bishop’s Corner
Today another successful season, spiritual and steady, sacrificial at times certainly, but so rewarding as well, reaches its glorious high point in the great “summing up” feast of Corpus Christi. Every day, at every Mass, whether whispered at a side altar by a solitary priest, or sung out with great splendor, servers and choir, as for today’s High Mass; the Blessed Sacrament and Sacrifice of the Eucharist sums up and makes present anew all the great deeds of our God in Christ Jesus. By our participation in Mass, particularly Holy Communion, we render perfect thanks for all that Our Lord has done for us, for God who still pitches His tent among us. “Come, let us adore!”

Today we think of the 12 little ones (a good number!) led to Jesus to be fed with His Sacred Flesh for the first time. But consider all of this past year at St. Gertrude with its cherished customary observances, so much glory given to God, so much spiritual nourishment to His faithful. Join us these days of Corpus Christi for an extra Mass, just for love, a visit just for devotion. Help the first Communicants learn love’s lesson of holy hunger by getting them to church for their second Communion during Corpus Christi week, and especially for the Sacred Heart this Friday. Teach them devotion young; teach them by example.

After spending our long Spring (from February’s ordination of Fr. McKenna in Boston until Trinity Sunday in Milwaukee) here at home, I will be traveling more this Summer. It’s time for this Bishop to put on his missionary hat. Tuesday I go to Mexico for a week, starting with Confirmations and First Communions for St. Anthony’s feast in Alpanocan. It’s been eight years since I’ve visited this town high in the mountains near the ever-active volcano of Popocatépetl. Almost the entire town keeps the old Faith, and they jealously guard their beautiful old church of St. Anthony, whom they love dearly.

Next I will head to the village of Dos Rios in Vera Cruz state for the Sacred Heart with Fr. Hernan Monroy’s flock. They are dirt poor, but always do a fine reception procession with canopy and band and boys in pirate costumes doing the ancient Moors and Christians Dance. After dinner we’ll head back to Fr. Siordia’s place, several hours distant.

On the way to Orizaba on Thursday, we’ll stop to see the Baby Doctor of the Sick, the Holy Child Jesus, in Tepeaca. I promise to pray for you all there, and do ask your prayers for a safe trip through what has become a very dangerous country.

In Milwaukee, we had three Confirmations at the small but ever-so-active St. Hugh of Lincoln, known for its fruits of piety under its devoted pastor, Fr. McGuire. Milwaukee has become a missionary center in its own right, a thing which is only right, and rejoices my heart greatly. Fr. McGuire is out visiting all of his missions this week. Some of the children at St. Hugh call Fr. Lehtoranta “the Christmas priest,” for that is when he first came to visit, staying for the holidays. He has developed a reputation as a fine storyteller, both at the children’s party, and from the pulpit. When you consider that he is a new priest and a convert, speaking in what is to him a foreign language, this is high praise indeed. How blessed we have been with our young priests over the years.

Fr. Cekada and Fr. Larrabee are here this week for Corpus Christi Octave, our second Fatima Rosary Procession, and the great feast of Reparation for the Sacred Heart.

Blessings upon you all, young and old, for a year well finished. Let us linger with the Blessed Sacrament these last days, mark well and remember Summer’s special feasts and devotions, and put into practice what we have heard and seen. Do not let Summer steal one precious grace, but rather preach by example, so that you gain souls for Christ–starting with your own.

May the love of the Blessed Sacrament be a continuous blessing for you!

–Bishop Dolan