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Pentecost VI

Listen to This Week’s Bonus Sermon
Bp. Dolan from Independence Day: “Christ the Democrat: His Church the Answer”

Mass Location Update
If you are traveling in Connecticut or Rhode Island this summer, visit the new St. Vincent Ferrer chapel, where new Fr. Stephen McKenna offers Mass every Sunday at 5 PM.

Also, consult our extensive list of recommended Mass centers when you are traveling this summer.

Save the Date for Boys’ Camp!
July 24-26

Bishop’s Corner
Is it hot enough for you? Life goes in our families, and here in church, but the heat is rather draining, isn’t it? Still, I must report to you how sweetly the school children sang for Ss. Peter and Paul. The choir performed a beautiful new ordinary they had recently learned. If they were invited to the Choir Games here in River City these days, I’m sure they would win a prize. After Mass, the principal treated the students and teachers to lunch. See you in September!

That still left the Visitation of Our Lady, and one devoted family both sang and served for Our Lady’s feast. What a privilege for them, and what a good example for others. Both stories are typically Gertrudian, and exemplify our liturgical ideals in practice in our parish. I’m proud of you!

A good little group made it for Independence Day, with Fr. Cekada at the console. Later that afternoon, the clergy dispersed for house blessings (Kinnetts) and an Enthronement (Bud and Karen Patton). In spite of the heat, all went well. Most of us have air-conditioned cars (sometimes) and homes and churches, etc., so we shouldn’t really make such a big deal about the weather!

Still, we pray for good weather for the camps this month, as we do for safe travels for all of you. Seriously, couldn’t you bring the kids, or yourself, to one of the Masses or Novenas this week? We all have plenty to pray for, and should pray as we are able.

May the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul protect and defend you!

–Bishop Dolan