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Pentecost X

Bishop’s Corner
Last week was the week of departures. After three years with us, Fr. Larrabee left on Tuesday to go west, driving with his brother back to California. Also on Tuesday, I headed east, for three weeks of helping the Fathers in France, and visiting the faithful there. And lastly, we’ve had a change in the office. Marge Soli had been helping us, but had to leave due to health problems. “Good old Jim” continues on Mondays and Tuesdays, with hair cutting on request. Gloria Z. has been doing the bulletin on Thursdays since winter, and now will work in the office on Wednesdays and Fridays as well. Ave atque vale! Hail and farewell!

What makes for a successful party? Planning, food, timing, guest of honor? Fr. Cekada says it was the e-mail invites, but I will say “all of the above,” as we bade farewell last Sunday afternoon to Fr. Larrabee. It certainly was a great party, one of our best. Thanks for being a part of it, and thank you, Fr. Larrabee, for being a part of St. Gertrude the Great these last three years. We wish you well in your new home and work. Stay in touch!

Some of you have been visiting Shirle Downing at Hospice in Blue Ash. Fr. Cekada and I went over last Monday, but Shirle wasn’t able to receive Holy Communion or even to speak. Please keep her in your prayers in her last illness, that her mind and soul will be at peace, and in union with God.

Fr. Cekada and Fr. McGuire are here during my trip, and Fr. Lehtoranta is taking care of St. Hugh in Milwaukee. Today I am completing my visit to St. Pius V Chapel in Rennes, where I conducted a clergy day of recollection for a number of priests last Thursday. Tomorrow Fr. Hecquard and I depart for Avignon, ancient French home of the papacy during the Great Western Schism. Near there I will be performing the marriage of Delphine Schneider, who has visited us at St. Gertrude a number of times over the years.

After the marriage, I will continue on to visit an older traditional priest in Provence, Fr. Avril, and then meet some of the faithful at La Salette on Thursday for a pilgrimage. I will certainly remember you all to Our Lady of the Tears, Our Lady of Reconciliation.

Remember Our Lady for next week: the Holy Day on the 15th, and the Rosary Procession on Monday, the 13th. Remember daily prayers to honor her Immaculate Heart.

I place you all in her Heart each day in my prayers, and ask in turn for your own.

God bless you,
–Bishop Dolan

Mass Location Update
If you are traveling in Connecticut or Rhode Island this summer, visit the new St. Vincent Ferrer chapel, where new Fr. Stephen McKenna offers Mass every Sunday at 5 PM.

Also, consult our extensive list of recommended Mass centers when you are traveling this summer.