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Pentecost XIV

Bishop’s Corner
I hope you are having a pleasant Labor Day weekend, and that some thoughts of work, and worthwhile work, will inspire you to work well by working as St. Joseph did, in the sweet company of Jesus and Mary.

Last week Fr. Saavedra took a break from his work to come down from Detroit for a little visit. He was able to see his parents in Guadalajara this summer, and to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary with a Mass. As usual, Father stays quite busy with maintenance work and many sick to be visited each week over a large area.

This afternoon Bishop Sanborn stops here on his way from Detroit back to Florida. Seven seminarians (two Americans, two Frenchmen, and three Nigerians) begin the new academic year with him later in September. Fr. Desposito and Fr. Fliess assist His Excellency at the seminary, as well as with mission work.

Speaking of Bishops, I thought I would publish one of Bishop Williamson’s weekly columns. They say he is grieved and rather quiet these days, harboring no hopes for his Pius X Society. Bishop Fellay, after a brief break, will resume his work to bring the Society into “full communion” with the Conciliar church, one more side chapel in the one-world church of all religions. They are in a hurry to seal the deal before Ratzinger dies, as the discounted sale price for their treason will not be offered indefinitely.

I was told in France as well that everyone is talking about sedevacantism these days. They realize that the “R&R” (recognize and resist) position is not longer tenable, either practically or theologically, and that either one must embrace the new religion of Ratzinger or….. Sedevacantism (gulp!), i.e. the only logical Catholic position. In the meanwhile, let us continue to practice our unchanged Faith with great firmness, and fond charity for all of our fellow Catholics and former brethren. Each day let us lay down the heavy burden of judging our neighbor, and help him heft his own heavy cross with our charitable assistance, especially in prayer. We may yet all meet and embrace at Calvary.

Come and pray with us this First Friday, for all of these intentions as well as for our students and teachers, our school and a good school year.

Yesterday, First Saturday, we gave Shirle Downing her Requiem. How merciful is our God, and His good Mother! May no soul lie forgotten in this world or the next, and may her soul find peace at the last.

They say Isaac will be visiting us this weekend with the remnants of his welcome rain. August has seen everything dry up and start to wither away, but we hope for a good Autumn. We certainly have many good things planned, starting with Our Lady’s birthday blessing of seeds and seedlings next Sunday, with a birthday cake celebration afterwards.

September is Mary’s month. May it bring you blessings as we all get back to work.
–Bishop Dolan