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Pentecost XV

Bishop’s Corner
We begin our new season this September, and our Sunday School year in particular, with the Holy Name of Mary. We bless her holy name and process to her honor this day, blessing seeds and little seedlings which stand for new beginnings, and a renewed sense of perseverance in good. “Whatever you do, in word or in work, do all in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” says the Apostle. And the apostle of Mary, St. Louis de Montfort, would add: “in the name of Mary,” for “the salvation of each individual is bound up with the Hail Mary.” This prayer that names the holy name of the Mother of God “brought to a dry and barren world the Fruit of Life. It will cause the word of God to take root in the soul, and bring forth Jesus.”

Last weekend’s rains, their gentle relief an answer to prayer, have ushered in this new Fall season for us. May these fresh Autumn days see God’s word take root in our hearts, and in those of our children. This is our constant care in church, catechism class, our school, and in our homes. Many Hail Marys, and Hail Marys strung together in beads of ten with Gospel meditation (the Rosary) will guarantee the success of our Autumn planting for an abundant Spring harvest.

New beginnings…you see all about you at church. The completed cloister is taking form, translating your faithful Building Fund donations into stone. New priests are being formed. (I forgot our Russian last week. Kyrill, from near Moscow [so much for the persecution of the Church in Russia…folks, let it go!] makes our eighth seminarian. Your second collection participation makes for first-rate priests. Do you give?

Eldon and Dale are starting work on the Fatima scene on the lawn in front of the Lourdes Grotto. Finally, thanks to the Arlinghaus family who are setting up an outdoor Way of the Cross on the path from the cloister to the grotto. It is my prayer that these new projects will make our grounds more prayerful, a true shrine. They will, if you take time to pray!

“Let them pray,” Our Lady said at Pellevoisin. What a world is here in these few words. Come and pray with us this new year.

Last week we had a nice attendance for Shirle Downing’s Requiem, and even a breakfast afterwards. Labor Day’s St. Joseph Mass managed to draw a few souls in spite of the (welcome) rain. Today, of course, we’re also honoring Our Lady’s birthday, with cake after the morning procession. Fr. McGuire calculates it must be her 2,025th birthday. Usually ladies don’t divulge their age, but I’m sure Mary wouldn’t mind.

On Wednesday it will be ten years since our Sr. M. Gerard Vincent, O.S.F. left us, called home to eternity. This faithful Catholic and religious was fiercely loyal, and ever so devoted to Mary. Spare a prayer for her, and other deceased sisters, as well as for our young ones, and for vocations.

Remember Holy Cross Day this Friday, and the Sorrows of Mary Saturday. See you next Sunday at the picnic?

With a blessing in Mary’s name,
–Bishop Dolan