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Pentecost XVI

This school year, as time permits, we will be publishing daily sermons from the previous week. Check back daily for additional sermons:

Sept. 10, 2012: St Nicholas of Torentino by Fr. Lehtoranta
Sept. 11, 2012: SS Protus & Hyacinth by Bp. Dolan
Sept. 12, 2012: The Most Holy Name of Mary by Fr. Lehtoranta
Sept. 13, 2012: Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima by Bp. Dolan

Bishop’s Corner
We had a fine birthday for the Blessed Mother last Sunday. The little ones of our school sang Our Lady’s Mass for the Solemnity of her Holy Name. Afterwards we all processed to the Lourdes Grotto where Fr. Cekada blessed the seed0s and seedlings and we all prayed before an image of the Infant Mary. (Our Lady loves to see her childhood honored). So many children came we could well have consumed a second cake. Fr. Cekada was just going for a piece when some fleet-footed youth beat him to it!

Fr. Cekada reports that the first choir practice went well. They learned a new Kyrie from a German three-part Mass. There’s still time to join; men especially would be welcome. God reward their dedication.

Fr. Lehtoranta, after being a student for many years, is now teaching for the first time, at our school. Blessed children to have a priest teach them religion and Latin! Father preaches frequently now during the week, and his sermons are appreciated. Thank you, Bishop Sanborn, for having formed this fine new priest!

Fr. McGuire is finishing up a long mission trip based in Milwaukee, but taking him to North Dakota and Minnesota. He returns this week. The Ember Days return as well. Let’s not overlook the little acts of penance which are left.

I thank the teachers who are offering Sunday classes starting today – a precious opportunity for our children. Sadly, those who need them most are missing out on them most, if not all, of the time. This is a good intention for prayer and practical assistance. A word, a ride? Regularity is the key with education.

Last Monday †Fr. Hector Bolduc died in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on the feast of a great Poor Souls Saint, Nicholas of Tolentino. This miracle-working priest often saw the suffering souls during his Mass and relieved them by his prayers and penances. Pray to them for Fr. Bolduc, once an important figure in the traditional movement, and who once generously ministered to some of you. I offered Mass for him that same day, and Fr. Cekada a Requiem on the day of his funeral. May he rest in peace.

Speaking of rest, this afternoon doesn’t look to offer any. The usual Sunday afternoon nap will be bypassed in favor of the parish picnic, a sacrifice well worth it. It’s a wonderful opportunity to sit and socialize, and maybe get to know our fellow Catholics. We provide the essentials. Bring a dish to share….I’ll see you there!

May Our Lady of Sorrows keep all of our sick in her care. They, too, need our prayer.

–Bishop Dolan