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This school year, as time permits, we will be publishing daily sermons from the previous week:

Jan. 21, 2013: St. Agnes by Fr. Lehtoranta
Jan. 22, 2013: Pro-Life Day of Prayer Fr. Lehtoranta
Jan. 23, 2013: St. Raymond Pennafort by Fr. Lehtoranta
Jan. 24, 2013: St. Timothy by Fr. Lehtoranta
Jan. 25, 2013: The Conversion of St. Paul by Fr. Lehtoranta


✠ The (Non-) Bishop’s Corner ✠

I’m doing a guest appearance in this spot today as the most important person in our parish is still away. (Katie, our sacristan, returns next week.)

Fr. Lehtoranta and I are holding the fort while Bishop Dolan is giving a retreat for the rest of the priests and our seminarians in Florida. This Sunday we switch places, and I fly down for my monthly teaching week.

As I was on my way this past Monday to join Tom Simpson for a fitting celebration of the beginning of Obama’s second term (ask me for details, if you’re interested!), I was involved in a car accident. The weather was sunny and clear, but I hit a patch of ice in the merge lane and skidded, managing to get hit by a Caddy and a truck before regaining control and heading into the emergency lane. The impact wasn’t severe enough for even the airbags to deploy, but the Gospel side of the Crown Vic was dented from front to back. (My Guardian Angel must have been working extra hard!) The insurance company declared the car totaled, so I am now in the process of looking for a replacement. I thank God that neither I nor anyone else was hurt in the episode.

During the Offertory at High Mass today, our choir sings a new arrangement of St. Ignatius’ great prayer of thanksgiving after communion, the Anima Christi. Two young ladies from our soprano section served as “soloists” for some of our Christmas motets; this piece features two from our alto section.

I hope all of you have provided us with your current email addresses. On Tuesday I sent out another link to one of the video interviews I did with Stephen Heiner in late 2011. This one is about my research twenty-five years ago into the Episcopal consecrations conferred in 1981 by Abp. Pierre-Martin Ngo-dinh-Thuc. I also relate some anecdotes about Abp. Thuc that I subsequently heard from priests who lived with him, knew him personally or heard him speak publicly around the time of the consecrations. The link to the video is:


Pass it along to your trad friends in other chapels.

This coming Saturday is Candlemas. Come for the Blessing of Candles and Procession at 9AM Mass, bring your favorite soup for the Winter Soup Bruncheon that will follow!

It is Septuagesima Sunday already today — seventy days until Easter — and we just sang “O Come All Ye Faithful” for the last time at the Low Masses last Sunday! The liturgical year rolls onward quickly and our lives with it. Pray for the grace to be faithful workers in Our Lord’s vineyard!

– Father Cekada