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January 2013 Newsletter

St. Gertrude the Great January, 2013 Newsletter is available: Bp. Dolan’s Epiphany Trip to Mexico

Confirmation in Mexico

Be sure to buy your copy of Fr. Cekada’s book, “Work of Human Hands”. “Work of Human Hands” is also available on

Ushers: March 10, 2013
7:30 AM Scott Pepiot, Kent Maki, Volunteer
9:00 AM Mike Briggs, Mark Lotarski, Steve Weigand, Paul Arlinghaus
11:30 AM Bob Uhlenbrock, Dennis Hille, Kirby Bischel, Volunteer
5:45 PM John Seyfried

Servers: March 10, 2013
7:30 AM LOW: Brueggemann Bros.
9:00 AM HIGH: MC: J. Soli ACS: S. & L. Arlinghaus TH: N. McClorey TORCH: Nathan McClorey, P. McClorey, T. Lawrence, C. Richesson
11:30 AM LOW: F. & N. Puglielli
5:45 PM LOW: G.Miller