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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Outdoor Benediction

Congratulations to our 2013 First Communicants.

This school year we will be publishing daily sermons from the previous week:

May 24, 2013: Ember Friday in Pentecost Week by Fr. Lehtoranta
May 28, 2013: St. Augustine of Canterbury by Bp. Dolan
May 29, 2013: St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi by Bp. Dolan
May 30, 2013: Beauty (Feast of Corpus Christi) by Fr. McKenna
May 31, 2013: Friday w/in the Octave of Corpus Christi by Bp. Dolan

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠

Today, the great Solemnity of Corpus Christi, our season here at St. Gertrude the Great reaches its high point, and draws to a close, at least in part. Our choir, which has done such admirable work this year, takes its traditional summer break, as does our fine little school, which does so very much with so little. Life at St. Gertrude sometimes seems like “stone soup,” but everyone cooperates and everyone gets something. Thank you for what you bring. (What you take home is up to you, but you’re always welcome.)

We have once again the biblical number of twelve First Communicants – same as last year. We are very proud of them, and grateful to their devoted teachers in school, church and family. Most of all it is the Holy Ghost who prepares the little ones to be fed with the Bread of Life, Jesus Himself. Spend some time in adoration today and all week, in thanksgiving for the graces you and yours receive from Him who is with us “all days.”

We are happy to have Fr. Cekada preaching again, as his duties permit. His fine sermon on the family for Trinity Sunday should find an echo this Friday, First Friday, the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Decorate your family altar, renew your family consecration to the King of Love in your home. Receive Holy Communion together as a family, on this great feast of love. How much we have to be thankful for!

The Fathers here had a nice barbeque for Memorial Day with Fr. Thielen as our guest. The weather was perfect. Fr. Saavedra had been planning on joining us, but had a contractor coming by about blacktopping his parking lot. Fr. Lehtoranta went down to Albany, KY to bring the Holy Mass to an elderly couple. (While he missed the party, Puccini did bring him a baby bunny to console him. Such considerate cats!) We only wish we could identify and visit more isolated souls who desire the true Holy Mass. All in God’s good time.

Fr. Mardones is involved these days in a tiresome lawsuit about church ownership, and needs to receive his papers to be able to cross the border into El Paso to resume his priestly work there. He has been unable to visit his flock since last July. Please pray for him and his intentions. Fr. Siordia is doing well, keeping safe and staying busy, although he too is harassed with lawsuits. I’m sure he’d much rather do exorcisms. Probably easier.

Bishop Sanborn has written another excellent Seminary newsletter, exposing the blasphemies of Bergoglio, a/k/a “Francis,” a true modernist, against Almighty God Himself, his Divine nature and our holy faith. Stay informed on these things. Spread the word.

His Excellency also tells us he has several applicants for the seminary in September, including Americans. Thanks be to God! Pray for vocations.

Fr. McGuire is conducting Corpus Christi services in Milwaukee today, which has two first Holy Communions, the two boys I confirmed there last week. St. Hugh of Lincoln has been enjoying good growth of late. I had a fine visit there, and was impressed not only with their piety and their choir, but also with their participation. Everybody helps with cleaning jobs and set-up and pick-up, as well as with the more traditional serving and singing and cooking. Thus this small group (the active membership always hovers around 50) gets everything done, and no one has to do too much.

St. Hugh also has a number of long (or not so long) distance members, who manage to make it every month or so, swelling their numbers. It has become a real center in the upper Midwest for real Catholics.

May we all of us find our center and strength in the Little White Host, God Himself present on our altar, coming so often to our hearts. Come, adore with us these days. Bring the First Communicants back this week for their second Communion, in thanksgiving for the first.

May Jesus Hostia be the center of your life!
–Bishop Dolan