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Pentecost IV

It’s almost time! The St. Gertrude the Great Girls’ Camp is almost here! Join us on July 10th, 11th and 12th for three fun-filled days. We’ll do crafts, sports, go on a hayride, cook, have a clueless scavenger hunt, spend time with two Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas and have a great time! Camp is open to girls 4 and up! If you have any questions or want to let us know your daughter is coming, please contact Donna at: donnaalice540@msn.com. We’d love to see you there!

Congratulations to our 2013 Eighth-Grade graduates.

Our newly detailed and refurbished altar.


Recent daily sermons:

May 31, 2013: Friday w/in the Octave of Corpus Christi by Bp. Dolan
June 3, 2013: Monday w/in the Octave of Corpus Christi by Fr. Lehtoranta
June 4, 2013: St. Francis Caracciolo by Bp. Dolan
June 5, 2013: St. Boniface by Bp. Dolan
June 7, 2013: The Sacred Heart of Jesus by Bp. Dolan

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠

We are all so proud and pleased with our “new” altar, installed for Sacred Heart Sunday with a little help from above. Jim Soli carefully crafted the high gradines in wood to match the original altar (which came years ago from Wisconsin), decorated with wooden carved symbols of the Passion of Christ, which he painstakingly gold leafed. The side stands for the angels feature the dove and the “spiritus gladius” (spirit and sword) of St. Paul. Altogether a beautiful and more worthy altar for our church as we approach the tenth anniversary of our church dedication.

The symbols were purchased as well in Wisconsin, by Fr. Cekada a long time ago, and carefully kept all of these years. We hope to use them as well to decorate the Rood Screen. All for the greater honor and glory of God!

Graduation Sunday went well, a little ceremony at the end of the High Mass, and a crowded and very convivial reception afterwards in Helfta Hall. Most of our school children were able to return the next day, ably aided as always by some of our amiable homeschooling families, to sing and serve the Requiem for Elizabeth Reis. It was a beautiful funeral for a dear soul who was truly one of our own, made all the more so by our children sacrificing their first day of Summer vacation for this Work of Mercy: to bury the dead.

Fr. McKenna got in at 2:00 that morning from Louisiana (this happens almost every month), but finished the funeral rites at the cemetery. Fr. Lehtoranta, having already prudently completed his packing, assisted at the funeral and then departed for Stockholm. Again, there were airport delays, during which Father met and had a nice chat with Fr. Jenkins. It’s always nice to see the Fathers from Immaculate Conception or their faithful.

Fr. Cekada served as MC on St. Barnabas’ Day at the Seminary for Bishop Sanborn’s Pontifical Low Mass of Tonsure and Minor Orders for two of the seminarians. Our Rev. Mr. Bede Nkamuke will be ordained deacon on Ss. Peter and Paul, and come to visit us later in the Summer. He reports that a Catholic group has now started in Ghana, and is growing, thanks to the Holy Ghost and one zealous lay apostle.

Meanwhile the zealously growing “zizania” (Gospel Latin for weeds) and grass over our beautiful and expansive grounds are being kept in line by Doby Curran and Brendan Lotarski, ably aiding the intrepid Dale and Eldon. Grounds maintenance is an immense task in the growing season, and we welcome and so appreciate any and all assistance, especially given the hot humid weather currently our lot.

Meanwhile, it seems the wildlife is only increasing at our park. A family of skunks was moving in under the porch of the Convento, much to the chagrin of the young Fathers, who are trying to evict them. The deer in the stand of trees, which separate us from the mobile home community, have started a family. A doe and her fawn come by for breakfast most mornings. I hope they’re not the ones eating the roses and daylilies. Don’t even get me started on “Miss Mikesell’s groundhogs.” They’re all growing up nicely.

Fr. McKenna has taken a break from wildlife control to visit the faithful in the wilds of Wisconsin and South Dakota. Fr. McGuire reports his other Illinois missions are doing well.

Interesting news as well this week from both Washington and Rome. “Big Brother” is monitoring all of our phone calls in the name of security. The apparatus for a police state seems firmly in place, though still partly shrouded by secrecy. Pray for our country.

No secrecy in Rome, though. Brother Bergoglio “tells it like it is” to one and all. The deceived but sincere faithful of the Pius X Society offered him a spiritual bouquet of 3,525 Rosaries after his election. Instead of appreciating the gesture (he could use the prayers) he mocked it as heretical, “ancien regime,” a laughable throwback to 1940. He of course is the one who is heretical and this is no laughing matter. Maybe this will open some eyes. Pray for the Church.

The cloister is shaping up with caps in place, the handsome marble statue of Christ the King securely enthroned in the black granite niche, right under the protecting sword of St. Michael the Archangel. What a fine Catholic greeting to all who approach the church. The Christ the King statue used to stand on the grounds of our former St. Clare Church on Columbus, where it was more than once desecrated by roving late night bands of OSU students, toppled and left in the mud. But now Our Lord reigns secure in our midst, King forever.

St. Clare Chapel, by the way, is thriving in its new home in Chillicothe. Holy Mass is offered there several times a month, and a number of young families count among the faithful.

Summer Camp planning for both boys and girls was in full swing last week. We are looking forward to this annual and essential apostolate, and welcome your contributions to defray expenses. Two of the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas will be coming for the girls’ camp. I hope all of our girls will be there as well!

Mark your calendar for next Monday’s St. John’s Bonfire, Parish Barbeque and Summer Entertainment. As usual, we’ll be cooking up the burgers and dogs, and you’re invited to bring the rest, and yourself. Mass of St. John starts the “longest night of the year celebration” at 5:45 PM.

Tuesday we commence our Summer Novena, with the Thirteen Tuesdays of St. Anthony and devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. In the evening, we have that charming and singular sacramental of the blessing of the animals. Be sure to bring yours.

Dads tend pretty much to be taken for granted, don’t they? But what a high and holy calling is theirs, to head the family and represent God the Father Himself. We lovingly and gratefully dedicate this day to them.

May God the Father keep you as His little child, secure in His embrace.
–Bishop Dolan