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Pentecost V

It’s almost time! The St. Gertrude the Great Girls’ Camp is almost here! Join us on July 10th, 11th and 12th for three fun-filled days. We’ll do crafts, sports, go on a hayride, cook, have a clueless scavenger hunt, spend time with two Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas and have a great time! Camp is open to girls 4 and up! If you have any questions or want to let us know your daughter is coming, please contact Donna at: donnaalice540@msn.com. We’d love to see you there!

Stations of the Cross: Devotions with Bp. Dolan #2

Now available:
Download of Restoration Radio’s June 11 interview with Bp. Daniel L. Dolan.

Listen here.

• Are Stations only for Lent?
• Where do Stations come from?
• How to get your indulgences.
• Stations of the Cross and “Mass Stations” during Lent.

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
We had a wonderful Fathers Day, didn’t we? The weather without was wretched all morning long, but within all was light and joy and song on our first Green Sunday. We honored the Eternal Father and His love for us even as we prayed for our own fathers, living and deceased.

The High Mass was especially beautiful and well sung. Each Mass had an excellent attendance, with a number of visitors. Perhaps some were accompanying their father to church, as three of Vic Ritze’s adult children did. It was good to see them again.

The only things Caravaggio is accompanying this year are the baby bunnies. Neither he nor Puccini showed up for the St. Anthony Animal Blessing the other night, though he may have been interested in
the large black bunny John and Tanya Urriquia brought to be blessed. We also had two very well behaved dogs, as well as †Shirle Downing’s former cat, Angel, now rechristened as Angelo, in Gloria and Richard Zbilicki’s care.

When Caravaggio brings in a live bunny for the feline version of the gladiatorial games, we just put on gloves anymore, rescue the poor frightened thing and deposit him in the tall grass. He’s on his own after that. Caravaggio somehow misses his prey’s exit, and continues to search my room for the rabbit even days later.

Bea Lutkehaus had a bad fall last weekend, and spent her 94th birthday (she’s upping her official age to 49 from 39) in the hospital. Fr. McGuire and I went to visit her, and I must say that though her flesh is weak, her spirit is willing and her mind as sharp as ever. Janet Clementi’s mind isn’t too good, and her hearing is gone, but she enjoyed a visit recently from Fr. McGuire, and a blessing. Margaret Sutton has her mother back at home with her. Keep all of these dear souls in your prayers.

Last week’s nice weather enabled me to finish up on a little gardening I’ve been wanting to do. (Better late than never, I thought to myself.) Dale and Brendan were a big help. Everything is now in, and the challenge for the rest of the summer will be to keep the weeds out.

Last Tuesday we opened our Summer Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Anthony with a nice little group for both Masses, and the fervent singing of the traditional and very moving hymns. Some of the members of our school choir came that rainy morning to sing the monthly Requiem for the Poor Souls. Come some Summer Tuesday.

Our summer Thirteen Tuesdays of St. Anthony devotion started at St. Gertrude about 30 years ago, at the inspiration of Ron Boehm. He is very devoted to the Saint of Padua, and willingly typed up the prayers we first used. Keep him in your prayers. He is in the hospital now in Dayton, where he has lived for many years. He’s been attending the “indult” services in Dayton sponsored by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. How much confusion is abroad today. These poor souls do the best they can, but we should never forget them in our prayers.

In your charity, please remember my older brother, David, in your prayers. He died suddenly last Tuesday night, while at home recovering from surgery; the same surgery I had last November. He died of a pulmonary embolism, a complication of surgery. I beseech your charitable prayers for his soul’s salvation, for he died with no faith, as far as I know. I think he must have lost his Catholic Faith at Notre Dame during the turbulent sixties, a victim to that religious revolution unleashed at Vatican II. So many souls fell that way. In your charity, please remember them all, and spare a prayer for my brother and his immortal soul. In High School he was a daily communicant at Catholic Central in Detroit. May he find God’s mercy at the last.

Have you marked Monday on your calendar? Join us for our St. John’s Night celebrations, and spend some of “the longest night of the year” with us. Mass, a barbeque, the blessing of the bonfire, songs, and special entertainment from the Fathers are scheduled. So, schedule yourself and your family for a fine Summer’s evening.

Fr. Cekada is offering Mass at St. Hugh in Milwaukee, his old parish, today, but will be back for the party tomorrow. See you there.

God bless you and Mary keep you safe in the Heart of her Son.
– Bishop Dolan