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Pentecost VIII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I hope you are able to attend this morning’s musical program, presented by the Sisters and our summer campers. They are a talented group. We welcomed over 50 girls this year for three days of wonderful activities. The music at Mass was beautiful, and the Masses drew an excellent Summer weekday congregation. Deo Gratias!

Fr. Cekada and Fr. McGuire hold down the fort this morning. Fr. McKenna drove me to Michigan on Thursday for a memorial service for my brother on Friday. On Saturday, I flew to Lafayette, Louisiana, where I visited with Fr. Francis Miller, and am offering Sunday Mass for the faithful of Our Lady of the Rosary today.

I say “I flew” but the airlines are notoriously unreliable anymore. The monthly Louisiana trip is almost always tripped up by missed connections, late or cancelled flights. Fr. McKenna has been serving our flock in Louisiana lately. Last time he returned at 2 AM! His upper Midwest travels turned out better, netting a baptism in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The McFathers are slowly learning their geography as well, making interesting discoveries about relative distances and Great Lakes.

Fr. Lehtoranta is visiting Milwaukee for a fortnight, and will be doing some mission travel himself. The other Fathers will be here, preparing for next week’s Boys’ Camp.

Joseph Lotarski is now in law school in Lansing, Michigan. He recently visited home. Danny Brueggemann, one of our faithful 7:30 servers, graduated from high school in Kentucky this month, and has an interesting work/study program planned out improve his advanced math/science portfolio in view of college. We certainly wish these hard-working young scholars well.

Good wishes, too, and great gratitude for Katie Bischak, our dedicated sacristan, whose birthday was yesterday. Like all of our amazing Gertrudian ladies, she just gets younger and younger. Happy Birthday, Katie!

Those cats certainly come in handy. Puccini was resting after the breakfast buffet Thursday morning. I had the door open to catch the pleasant morning air. In flew a bird. Fr. Cekada stirred himself, but that cat had the bird in one amazing jump. Problem solved. Thank you, Puccini. If ever mice flew, I’m sure we wouldn’t have any.

I hope you all are having good travels, as well as a restful and pleasant Summer. We’ve welcomed many visitors to St. Gertrude, mostly at the 5:45 Mass. One lady from Pennsylvania came by in her travels last week, eager to know us and other sedevacantist churches. Her enthusiasm was wonderful. We continue to grow.

God is still working in our midst, drawing and enlightening souls, and leading them to an uncompromised Catholic position in today’s crisis. You may feel yourself alone as you confront the giant of big government and Novus Ordo, but you shouldn’t. Your fellow Catholics stand with you, and all of the Court of Heaven second your slingshots against Goliath. Take your aim and fight bravely on! Subsidiarity is the word.

Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!
–Bishop Dolan