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Pentecost X

Thanks to everyone who helped out with our boys and girls camps this year.

CANONIZE John Paul II??!

His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada join hosts Nicholas Wansbutter and Stephen Heiner to discuss the announced “canonizations” of John Paul II. In this episode they discuss:

What is a saint?
The infallibility of decrees of canonization.
John Paul II: a model for true Catholics?

HOLY WATER: Devotions with Bp. Dolan

There may be no more used sacramental then that of holy water. Its presence is as synonymous with Catholicism as candles and incense. It is usually the first sacramental used upon entering a Catholic Church and the last used before leaving.

What exactly does holy water do and what are its spiritual effects? Is it just a pious superstition or does its use truly drive away the temptations and disturbances of evil?

His Excellency Bishop Daniel Dolan and host Nicholas Wansbutter explore and explain this most fascinating and crucially important Catholic sacramental.

We have an excellent, additional sermon this week from Fr. McKenna: “Have Confidence: The Truth is On Your Side.”

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
July’s humid, sweltering heat last week finally gave way to relief, ushered in by Tuesday’s brief strong storms. (We prayed our way through the storms during the Mass and Summer Novena, until the sun came out.) None of this weather seemed to bother the boys any, who were having a good time at their camp. Indeed, many camped out the first night, tents set up on the wet ground. The cool night air was a welcome change for all.

In addition to staying busy with crafts and games, the boys went on Wednesday to Columbus to see a science exhibit. Thanks to the fathers – and mothers – for all of the help (food and transportation) as well as to the McFathers for their loving guidance of the boys. Thanks, too, to the older boys who assisted the younger ones – an edifying sight.

Each day began with morning prayers and Mass, a beautiful ideal. Two of the Masses were sung for St. James the Greater, the Moor Slayer, a fine model for Catholic youth today. They must know how to fight in defense of Catholic civilization against the foe. Each evening before supper the boys were in church again, praying Our Lady’s Rosary. They should know and love this weapon. May Mary watch over and form this next generation of Catholic men.

Bishop Sanborn is expecting a full house at the Seminary in September when he recommences training the next generation of Catholic priests. Deo Gratias. A third Frenchman will be coming, and possibly a German, as well as two more Americans. Our first African will be ordained a priest in November. His Excellency recently visited Poland and Germany. Fr. Rafal Trytek in Krakow is doing well, his small congregation even growing a little. A German priest who recently left the Pius X Society is gathering both priests and seminarians who wish to be solidly Catholic. So the work of the Church, the work of Redemption, continues despite all odds.

A Novus Ordo German priest who never managed to make the break – and regrets it – remarks how depressing the new religion is for him and his clerical friends. He ran afoul of the lady “eucharistic ministers” in his parish, and was removed. Now he ministers to miniscule indult groups in beautiful but empty Baroque churches.

Word has reached us (pictures, really) from Mexico of Fr. Siordia’s Shrine of Our Lord of the Expiration. As Father converts more and more of the town, the beautiful old church is simply too small. He has built a kind of portico for overflow seating in front of the church, and redone the entranceway to the church grounds. Fr. Saavedra is home in Mexico, visiting his family. His father, seriously ill with prostate cancer, needs our prayers.

Brazil was once the most populous Catholic country in the world – 90 percent. But that was before the “new springtime of Vatican II.” Now Catholics (if you could call them that) are not even in the majority. The bacchanal they call World Youth Day is meeting in Rio de Janeiro, with Bergoglio himself, a disgrace to the once-great order of the Jesuits. They hope to drum up business for their new church. Good luck with that. The Jesuits once fought for Jesus Christ and His Church; now, it is against Him.

What we do may seem a drop in the bucket (our own buckets were out in force for the recent heavy rains) but even one drop of Christ’s Precious Blood can wash away all the error and sin of this world. Courage, then, O Catholic! Come to the Fountain of the Precious Blood.

Even one drop of real Holy Water (which symbolizes the Precious Blood) can efface venial sin, drive away demons, solace the Poor Souls, and protect us body and soul. My most recent Restoration Radio talk yesterday morning was on this very subject.

The other night as I was doing the dishes, I was listening to Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Cekada hold forth eloquently on the era of JPII, and the Conciliars’ plan to canonize this Napoleon of the V2 revolution. Have something improving around to listen to as you work or drive all week long. Be thirsty for holy knowledge.

The McFathers are going away for a little vacation this week, and Fr. Lehtoranta has returned to Cincinnati. However, no sooner did he get here than he was dispatched again to help with Fr. Ahern’s St. Augustine Church in Norfolk, Virginia.

July ends in a few days, giving way to the last month of Summer, the month of Jesus, the Eternal Wisdom, and of His Mother’s Immaculate Heart. At its heart comes the great Holy Day of Our Lady’s Assumption. Let’s begin the month well with our First Friday Communion of Reparation, and All Night Adoration.

If we persevere in prayer, we shall be saved. Most of all…this. I wish you a prayerful week, and every blessing.

In the Precious Blood of Our Lord,
–Bishop Dolan