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Pentecost XI

Thanks to everyone who helped out with our boys and girls camps this year.

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Our Summer has been decidedly cool and wet, which must cast the global warmers into confusion. Last Sunday morning was the most perfect of several days in a row, which filled us with wonder and gratitude. When God sends such rare weather, we should certainly thank Him. Of course, the same holds true of all weathers, all days. Deo Gratias.

We thank God as well for the obvious excess of Mr. B. and the new religion, which are bound to open some eyes. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, the video of the dancing bishops in Brazil, or the beach ball placed on the altar of St. Mary Major, should speak eloquently about the new “pope” and his program.

His airplane news conference, as well as several speeches around the same time, laid out in broad strokes his plans for the future. Fr. Cekada spoke last week on Restoration Radio to outline and explain what the Revolution has planned for you. (If you missed it, you can listen “on demand” at www.blogtalkradio.com/restorationradio.)

Our plans are for a good and prayerful August. We began well with the “firsts” last week, devoutly observed on and during St. Peter’s Chains and its Octave. We’re praying for the chains to be struck, and the Church restored. So many intentions….

This week with our Summer Tuesday Novena, we keep the great feast of faith, the Transfiguration, which also honors a great anniversary of deliverance from the Mohammedan foe. On Friday we celebrate the Curé of Ars, patron of parish priests, and on Saturday great St. Lawrence, a patron of holy Rome itself. Oh, don’t forget tomorrow’s feast of Our Lady of the Snows, another name for St. Mary Major in Rome, depository of the infamous Brazilian beach ball. Our churches still are held chained.

Our church is looking finer each week, isn’t it? The elegant entrance into the cloister draws the eye within to the fountain and the Holy Family beyond.

Rev. Mr. Nkamuke has finished some extra studies in Detroit with Fr. Fliess, and is now with us for the remainder of the Summer, as he prepared for his ordination on Wednesday, November 6th, at most Holy Trinity Seminary in Florida.

Among the new seminarians Bishop Sanborn hopes to welcome in September, there is also one Pole. May Our Lady bless him and grant him perseverance.

This morning I am taking Fr. McGuire’s place in Milwaukee. It’s always a pleasure to return there. Some of you, I know, are traveling as well this month. May St. Christopher and your freshly blessed cars help you to have a safe trip as well as a pleasant one!

Let us not forget St. Dominic today, and renew our devotion to Our Lady’s Dominican Rosary. How many graces it brings. Try it while you travel this Summer, or whenever you’re in the car.

May Mary’s Immaculate Heart be your refuge, and her Rosary your ladder to Heaven!

– Bishop Dolan