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Epiphany V

The last of the green Sundays after Epiphany.

Daily Sermons
January 31 – Fr. McGuire – Strong St. John Bosco
February 3 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Ansgar, Strong in Confidence
February 4 – Fr. McKenna – St. Andrew Corsini: Model of Obedience
February 6 – Fr. McKenna – St. Dorothy: Strengthened by Christ Her Spouse
February 7 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Romuald: Penitent for Transgressions

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Buckeye Chuck did not see his shadow Sunday, so they say, Spring must surely be on its way. It was more elegantly sung by the English in the ages of Faith: “If Candlemas brings clouds and rain, go Winter, and come not again.” Last week’s heavy snows and ice storm are perhaps Winter’s last hurrah. But surely they are sent by God for some good and loving purpose, be it only that the odd (or, this year, regular) snow day is a chance for a change, some silence even for the soul, as there is in the first few hours after it falls. Spring will be here soon enough. Each season brings it beauty, its graces, and its crosses for our sanctification.

Our Candlemas was “fair and bright” within last Sunday, as we blessed and processed with candles for the coming of the Light of the World by His most pure Mother. Our 40th day of Christmas closed that joyous season all too soon for us, but still with Solemn Mass and afternoon Vespers. Keep Christmas in your heart as we continue our Novena to the Infant of Prague, and invoke the little Dr. Jesus for our sick. Lent looms, though. Friday evening we start the Sorrowful Mother Novena and the Blessing of the Sick.

On Monday an enthusiastic crew came to hear Mass for St. Blaise and get their throats blessed, and stayed to take down Christmas, pack it up and put it away until next year, God willing. Well done. Thank you all!

Today we’re thinking about throats and Winter ills, and asking God’s blessing through His saints against all illness. We invoke the Holy Helper St. Blaise for our throats, as well as Our Lady of Lourdes for our sick. Remember our shut in, and recommend them to God in prayer along with the sick. Don’t forget today’s St. Apollonia against toothache!

Fr. Thielen (who tenderly cares for the sick, over a great distance) had lunch with us the other day, and gave us greetings from Ruth Higdon, now 94, and residing in Columbus. Pete Gebel has been sick for a while and needs our prayers, as does Charlie Henry, facing surgery. Elizabeth Smith had a brief hospital stay last week, and Richard a fall. Support them, too, with a prayer, a card, a call. Barb Steinmetz had a fall as well, but is recovering. Fr. McGuire keeps up pretty well with her, as well as a neighbor of hers, who attended St. Gertrude’s back in Sharonville. Loraine Gates is also in our “remarkable nineties” club, and is receiving Holy Communion regularly from Father. Janet Clementi has made a remarkable recovery of her faculties, and now sweetly and regularly received Our Lord.

Due to weather, Fr. McGuire had to cancel his Mass for the Sisters in Saybrook, Illinois last Sunday, but we didn’t mind having him here. I’m at his St. Hugh Church in Milwaukee for this First Friday weekend. Fr. Cekada leaves this afternoon for his teaching week at the sunny seminary of the Most Holy Trinity: Fr. McKenna has gone to Louisiana for Mass today at Our Lady of the Rosary. Our friend Fr. Francis Miller, OFM, in his unquenchable zeal, is visiting South Africa and the little remnant of Fr. Leslie’s flock there. On the other side of the world, Fr. Ercoli, an independent priest in Seattle, says his congregation at Holy Redeemer Chapel is doubled now in size since he first went to serve them a few years ago. Deo Gratias. Fr. Hecquard in France has preached his very first retreat, to two ladies. The retreat is based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Gertrude the Great.

Great interest and enthusiasm for the Summer Camps this year! We would like to hear from you. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire today and drop it off at the office this week or next Sunday. We have some fine fundraising ideas, and the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas have again very kindly promised to assist at the Girls’ Camp.

Thank you for your help with our St. Valentine Bake Sale today. Pray to St. Valentine for our young, and not so young, to find a fitting mate according to God’s Holy Will. Don’t forget Tuesday’s Solemn Mass for Our Lady of Lourdes. Happy Second Anniversary, Fr. McKenna!

February could be a boring month for some, perhaps, if we are just waiting around for Spring and Lent to come in March. But let the Month of the “Purification by Sacrifice” (the meaning of February) allow you to focus on daily devotions and saints, sacrifice and daily life in the spirit of the Church. Soon enough the seasons will change again. Already next Sunday, we get out the purple for Septuagesima and start to prepare ourselves for the soul’s springtime.

May God, the Catholic God who is the Adorable Trinity, fill you up with Himself!
– Bishop Dolan